How to Understand the Keywords with the Most Traffic with MonsterInsights and AIO SEO Integration

The search and selection of keywords (or it would be better to say search intentions) in the SEO plays a fundamental role: but it is equally important to evaluate, with data in hand, the performance of the chosen keywords.

MonsterInsights, the plugin WordPress for Google Analytics, has recently introduced a new integration with another plugin in the same family for SEO, All In One SEO. With this integration, MonsterInsights now has the ability to use All In One SEO's keyword focus and TruSEO scores with supported custom dimensions.

This integration provides important information to the site owner, allowing them to see how keywords are related to traffic in Google Analytics and then answer questions such as:

  • which keywords generate the most traffic?
  • do posts optimized for those keywords generate more traffic?
  • are there posts that work well from a traffic perspective, but can be improved by optimizing them further?

Let's go over in detail how this integration works and an overview of TruSEO scores.

MonsterInsights + All in One SEO

As anticipated, MonsterInsights, in a recent update, has integrated the ability to add the main keyword and TruSEO scores to the supported custom dimensions in order to evaluate their correlation with traffic in Google Analytics.

Here's a screenshot:

MonsterInsights All in One SEO Integration

Using this new integration, you can add your chosen focus keywords on AIOSEO and TruSEO scores to your Google Analytics data and then see your Analytics data broken down by both custom dimensions.

But what is a TruSEO score? Let's figure it out.

What is the TruSEO Score?

TruSEO ( is a score provided by All in One SEO which allows you to easily add title tags, meta descriptions, keywords and everything else you need for proper onpage SEO optimization. TruSEO is divided into two parts:

  • Focus Keyphrase: allows you to check how relevant an article is to a keyword you are focusing on.
  • Content analysis: provides a check on the basic on-page factors to see if they have been implemented correctly on the page, providing a score from 0 to 100 that combines the page analysis score and the score for the main key phrase (if filled in) and any additional key phrases (if filled in)
MonsterInsights All in One SEO Integration

Let's try to delve into the 2 metrics, starting with Focus Keyphrase.

If I'm writing a post focused on a search intent, I might decide to focus on one or more keywords maybe chosen according to the search volume: Focus Keyphrase and All in One SEO will analyze the content of my post to see how well it is optimized for that phrase, checking for example if it has been included in the Title Tag, in the meta description, or in the URL and in the first paragraph, or as an Alt Tag. More than ten different checks that return a score from 0 to 100.

MonsterInsights All in One SEO Integration

Additional key phrases

The Additional Key Phrases field also allows you to verify the correct optimization of the long tail keywords, which you can also find with software like SeoZoom, SemRush o Long Tail Pro.

Page Analysis

Unlike the Focus Keyphrase and Additional Keyphrases feature which focuses on the relevance of your content based on the keywords you choose, Page Analysis checks if you have implemented common content optimization and readability practices.

Page Analysis performs checks on a dozen different aspects on SEO and readability, including title tag and meta description length, internal and external links, images and videos, paragraph length, and more.

MonsterInsights All in One SEO Integration

It's clear that you don't have to take rigidly the suggestions provided by these tools, which can help you understand if some aspect of content optimization is overlooked or can be improved.

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