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What is Moosend 

Founded in 2011, Moosend ( is one of the most popular platforms for email marketingbased in Europe.

Moosend homepage

How Moosend works 

Moosend is equipped with functionalities ( typical of others email marketing software such as the ability to send and track KPIs of DEMs and newsletters, newsletter editor, functionality of email marketing automation and eCommerce AI. Let's see them together.

Email Marketing

Moosend Email Marketing

As an email marketing software, Moosend enables you to create email marketing campaigns ( Similar to other email marketing software, Moosend requires a list of source addresses, which you can import via csv/txt file, Excel file, paste text, Google contact plugin or Salesforce plugin.

After importing your contacts, you can start creating your first email campaign.

There are 5 main types of email campaigns you can create with Moosend:

  • One Time Campaigns:these are traditional broadcast campaigns that you can send to your entire list or just to a segmented part of your list, then segmenting the list;
  • A/B Campaigns, two different email campaigns where by varying an element, such as the subject line, we can test which campaign will record a higher open rate and give you the highest CTR in emails for your list.
  • Automation Campaignsor email marketing automation campaigns;
  • repeatable HTML campaigns, which give you the ability to send emails to your subscribers using updated content from a URL of your choice;
  • RSS campaignswhich can use the URL of the RSS feed from your blog or site and send the email based on the updated content of that URL, a mode also found in software such as SendinBlue e MailPoet.

Newsletter Editor

Moosend Newsletter Editor

Moosend comes with a drag & drop editor that allows you to create newsletter ( optimized for all devices in a simple way without knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Moosend allows you to:

  • choose from over 70 professional newsletter templates;
  • send test emails to see what the email will actually look like;
  • save and track design changes made;
  • plan your campaigns;
  • add countdown timer to your email;
  • add images, videos and custom fonts to mobile-optimized newsletters.

Email Marketing Automation

Moosend Marketing Automation

Moosend allows you to create email marketing automation campaigns (

As is usually the case, workflows are created based on certain triggers and Moonsend provides pre-set automation flows for various needs, such as:

  • welcome email to explain your services and products to your customers;
  • Abandoned carts, where you can immediately remind a customer to return to your website if they haven't completed a purchase.

Moosend's email marketing automation also allows for lead scoring, which is a score based on the completion of various actions.

Ecommerce AI

Moosend Ecommerce AI

Moosend offers various ecommerce-oriented features such as the already mentioned automation in case of cart abandonment.

But not only: theecommerce AI of Moosend ( can send similar product recommendations within your email campaigns, sell products similar to a previous purchase made by a user, and suggest items that a user has not recently purchased from your ecommerce.

Landing Page

Moosend Landing Page

Moosend offers the possibility to create Landing Page (, without having to use other software such as SAAS.

Enrolment form

Moosend Subscription forms

Moosend's landing page editor comes with several templates to choose from to get started and optin modules ( can be integrated on the landing pages created with Moosend or in your website through code snippets to collect the contact on the landing page and direct it to the list to which to send a newsletter or from which to start a flow of email marketing automation.

The entry form editor is also drag & drop and there are several templates to choose from.

Moosend allows you to create various contact acquisition forms useful for Lead Generation, like:

  • Modal pop-up
  • Inline forms
  • Floating bars
  • Floating box
  • Full page subscription pages

You can choose from one of the ready-made templates and customize it according to your brand. Moosend allows you to customize opt-ins based on URLs, devices, geographies, specific operating systems, GDPR compliance and use Moosend's anti-bot protection to protect your list from spam emails.


Moosend Tracking

With Moosend Tracking ( you can get a complete overview of how subscribers to your lists interact with your website thanks also to integrations to platforms CRM and ecommerce and linking to trigger-based automation functions.

Reporting & Analytics

Moosend Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics ( allows you to check open rates, click rates, hard bounce and soft bounce, cancellations.

Web Personalization

Moosend offers functionality for web personalization such as custom fields and real-time data, such as upsell or cross selling emails based on weather conditions in a specific area.


Moosend Integrations

Moosend integrates well ( with most software CMSCRM, ecommerce, lead generation and email marketing.

Some of the well-known software that has an integration with Moosend are:

WordPress integration within WordPress plugin repositories allows you to easily integrate activation forms within your WordPress site with automatic subscription synchronization.

A further advantage of Moosend from a synchronization perspective is that it can be used as SMTP for transactional emails, similar to what happens with WP Mail SMTP.

Moosend also comes with an API access solution, so you can make changes your way.

Opinions and reviews on Moosend 

You can read customer reviews of Moosend here:

Moosend opinions
Moosend opinions
Moosend opinions

Prices by Moosend

Moosend prices

Moosend provides a free and paid plan (

The free Moosend planallows you to access all the main features for free, has no term and does not require a credit card.

With Moosend's free plan you can:

  • send unlimited emails
  • create entry and registration forms
  • create popup forms, inline forms, moving boxes and bars, and embeddable forms
  • access to basic and custom code templates
  • edit images
  • add countdown timers and conditional content
  • access reports and analytics on your Moosend usage to track open rates, click-through rates, visits, bounces and other relevant metrics
  • access over 100 supplements.

It does, however, have its limitations:

  • you can have up to 1000 subscribers, like in MailPoet.
  • you can enjoy customer support five days a week without phone or priority support.

If you want more functionality, the Pro Plan ( starts at $ 8 per month, less if purchased annually, with which you can:

  • create Landing Pages that can act as funnel for sale
  • send transactional emails
  • access Moosend phone support
  • have up to 5 team members
  • obtain an SMTP server.

If you also want to take advantage of additional features such as SSO, SAML, or dedicated IP, you can upgrade to a Enterprise plan ( customized with a dedicated account manager.

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