NameCheap: Domain Registration and Hosting Provider Features, Reviews and Pricing

What is NameCheap

NameCheap ( is a domain registration and hosting provider launched in 2000. With over 10 million domains under management, Namecheap offers a comprehensive selection of domains, along with hosting packages, SSL security certificates, domain privacy protection and more, at competitive prices relative to the industry.

NameCheap Services

What services are offered by NameCheap? We see here an in-depth overview.

Domain registration

NameCheap offers a domain registration service with the possibility of choosing from a wide range of extensions in addition to the classic .it, .com and .zip (... (, a domain transfer service and useful domain name generation tool.

Web Hosting & Hosting for WordPress

In addition to domain registration, Namecheap provides, as usual in the sector, a web hosting service ( with a choice of:

  • Online Beginners, from €0.83 per month, ideal for creating a personal website, a blog WordPress or one landing page.
  • Small Businessesfrom €1.66 per month, ideal if you are a solopreneur, ecommerce Or web developer looking to add more power and speed to their company's website or online business.
  • Large Businesses, from €2.49 per month, perfect for websites that require maximum performance, enjoy all the flexibility and security with exclusive access to each resource.

EasyWP is also Namecheap's solution as WordPress hosting ( managed, with competitive pricing and flexible subscription plans, starting at $0.83 per month.

NameCheap WordPress Hosting Prices

Email Hosting System

Namecheap also provides an email hosting system ( Private Email features and office tools to better manage your mail, contacts, calendar and the whole company:

  • compatibility with Windows / Android / Apple devices;
  • unified inbox to manage all your email accounts;
  • enhanced security through two-factor authentication (2FA);


The web can be a dangerous place. Identity thieves and other threats lurk everywhere. You need to watch out for both yourself and your customers. That's why Namecheap offers two main security channels ( WhoisGuard service to WhoisGuard domain owners and a wide variety of SSL certificates to protect visitors to your site.

  • Namecheap VPNNew is secure, unlimited, fast and reliable. With VPNNew protect your privacy and stay safe on public Wi-Fi networks, keep your sensitive data hidden and change your virtual location to unlock the Internet.
  • WhoisGuard: WhoisGuard privacy protection service keeps domain owners' contact information out of the public Whois database. WhoisGuard plans are comeptitively priced and you receive one year free with every domain registration or transfer.
  • PremiumDNS: Considering the importance of an excellent DNS uptime for online business, Namecheap offers PremiumDNS. For less than $ 5 per year, you can enjoy a secure DNS service available globally.
  • SSL Certificatesare the best way to protect your site's customers from identity theft, of which Namecheap offers a wide range.

How is NameCheap different?

According to the official website (, NameCheap offers:

  • privacy and security: according to the official website, special attention is paid to security and privacy of your website; 
  • premium industry products and services at competitive prices, as the name suggests;
  • Customer support: The support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

NameCheap: Reviews

Is NameCheap reliable? Is it secure? Currently used by 1.5 million websites worldwide, NameCheap reports an average customer satisfaction rate of 4.7 out of 5 and over 70% of 5-star reviews, as listed on

NameCheap Promo Codes and Coupons

Namecheap proposes special offers ( that allow you to get an excellent margin of savings on the purchase of products, from domains and SSL certificates to private email and hosting packages.

Here are some of them illustrated below:

  • Popular domains for 99 cents for the first yearChoose from a wide range of domains and get your idea online at a lower price.
  • Private email - 2 months free trial: You can try business email with secure, ad-free features and no strings attached. Get more mailboxes, speed, reliability and team collaboration tools. All locked down with two-factor authentication.
  • Up to 21% discount on dedicated server hostingfor a limited time only.
  • Up to 80% discount on hosting and domains for the first year.
  • WordPress HostingEasyWP: EasyWP allows you to equip yourself with a WordPress hosting platform that according to the official website is 3 times faster than traditional shared hosting, starting at € 0.83 for your first month.
  • Namecheap VPN for € 1.56 per month for 3 years, with a discount of 68%: with which you get super fast and secure surfing with the virtual private network (VPN).
  • 45% discount on shared hosting plans, available for first-year purchases only.
  • KingCom at€7.38 for the first year: offering all .com TLDs for only €7.38.
  • Coupons of the month, up to 35% discount / first year: every month, Namecheap releases new coupons with discounts on domains and other products.
  • .AI domain for €49.04 per year, the best price in the market for the .ai extension, ideal for startups and artificial intelligence companies.
  • 40% discount on PositiveSSL Wildcardto protect an unlimited number of subdomains with the PositiveSSL Wildcard certificate at €33.16 per year instead of €58.93 per year.
  • SSL multi-domain from € 15,70 / year, with 30% discount: protect multiple domains or subdomains with PositiveSSL multi-domain certificate. Encrypt the connections of up to 100 unique domains with a single certificate.
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