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What is Nexcess 

Nexcess (, operating since 2000, is a hosting provider based in Michigan, United States, specializing in hosting for WordPress, Magento and WooCommerce, with a support centre and a quality server infrastructure.

Nexcess homepage

How Nexcess works 

Let's take a look at Nexcess features together.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Nexcess Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Nexcess provides a managed hosting service specifically for WooCommerce (

Managed WordPress Hosting 

Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting

Similar to the plan for Woocommerce, Nexcess provides a Hosting plan for WordPress (, with automatic updates, free SSL certificates and automatic resizing.

Managed Hosting for Magento

Nexcess Managed Magento Hosting

Staying on the subject of hosting for ecommerceNexcess also provides a managed hosting service for those using the platform. Magento (

BigCommerce for WordPress Hosting 

Nexcess BigCommerce for WordPress Hosting

Manage a headless online store with BigCommerce (, while benefiting from the content creation and blogging abilities of WordPress. Nexcess offers a useful hosting option for this type of setup.

Drupal Hosting 

Nexcess Drupal Hosting

If you create an ecommerce or a standard website with Drupal ( you can use Nexcess managed hosting to improve performance.

ExpressionEngine Hosting 

Nexcess ExpressionEngine Hosting

Nexcess provides managed hosting for ExpressionEngine LMS (, where you can create and sell online courses.

Other features

Nexcess offers a wide variety of other features, products and managed hosting plans, which include the following services.

Automatic backups

Nexcess plans offer automatic nightly backups and backup of your site files and databases in case something goes wrong. Backups are saved for 30 days, and the Nexcess team is on hand to offer assistance should you need to restore your data.

Advanced Security

With Nexcess, your site data and your customers' personal data are protected. Nightly backups help protect your databases in the event of an attack or human error.

Nexcess offers proactive safety systems that always run in the background, eliminating the need to get separate security plugins or check the status of your website.

Nexcess is PCI compliant, keeping all personal and payment data secure when a customer makes a transaction. There are also automated security patches, malware monitoring that runs nightly, and many other proactive elements to ward off the risk of falling victim to malicious attackers.


Nexcess Auto-scaling

Online stores see increases in their traffic at certain times of the year, especially during the holidays. Standard hosting is not always able to support this type of increase, causing site slowdowns. Nexcess implements an automatic scaling feature where they increase their competition whenever there is an increase in traffic. This way, you receive an increase in the number of people who can visit your site over the course of 24 hours.

Enhanced page speed with CDN

Several parts of the Nexcess hosting infrastructure allow for improved page speeds. Nexcess has a CDN (content delivery network, such as MaxCDN or the CND of WPRocket) that uses a network of dedicated servers to deliver your site's content to the end user based on that person's location.

Nexcess also offers the following technologies that minimize loading times and improve the performance of your site:

  • image compression;
  • PHP 7 + Varnish technology;
  • advanced cache.

Application Stack

Nexcess Application Stack

An application stack ( is a collection of software that works to provide modern, secure, and fast application deployment. These modern application stacks go beyond a typical LAMP stack and include add-ons such as Nginx and Varnish.

PCI Compliant Hosting

Nexcess PCI Compliant Hosting

PCIcompliant hosting ( is a hosting service developed to help vendors comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) established by credit card companies.

Domain Name System (DNS)

Nexcess Domain Name System (DNS)

Domain Name System ( connects browsers and websites by acting as an online "phone book" for mapping domains to IP addresses.

Nexcess offers a network of 15 DNS servers distributed around the world. Each of these is strategically placed to provide a local DNS server option for visitors to your site.

Free migration

Nexcess Free migration

Nexcess offers the free site migration (, a useful feature that is becoming industry standard.

One-Click Staging

Would you like to make changes in WordPress but don't want to risk accidentally messing up your site? With just a few clicks you can create a "staged" version of your site, where you can experiment and add new content as you see fit.

If you like the changes you've made, it only takes another click to apply them to your existing site. Staging sites are also great for getting feedback on new content, design, and features without exposing them to the general public.

Benefits of Nexcess 

Nexcess offers an uptime SLA statement of 100% on its hosting services.

The entry level base plan contains bandwidth of 2 TB, storage space of 15 GB and 10 PHP Worker are superior to competitors.

Dedicated support team

The customer care service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone and via e-mail and ticketing system. Technical support on live chat is active during working hours, but always available via ticket. For emergencies, you can contact support by phone at any time. You can also access the Knowledge Library for tutorials and self-help materials.

Inbuilt Caching

NGINX Accelerator is provided by default in all plans, to speed up the deployment of content and applications. NGINX Cache is a micro-cache that compresses and stores static content in memory for short periods of time.

Daily backups

The backup feature is available in the dashboard and the process runs daily. You can restore your site at any time with one click in case of any issues.

Strong safety functions

All Nexcess plans come with premium plugins including iThemes security pro. Nexcess can fix errors, discover site vulnerabilities and remove malware. Two-factor authentication and quick site scanning can be enabled with a single click. Free SSL certificate for encryption is also provided by default.

Free CDN

Enabling CDN service dramatically improves your website load times. Nexcess Content Delivery Network (CDN) services are included in every plan at no additional cost.

Developer Friendly

All plans come with one-click temporary management. You can easily get a temporary copy of the production so you can test anything.

Intuitive control panel

Nexcess offers an easy to use dashboard that offers many features. You can manage DNS, email accounts, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, SSL installation, backups, ftp and ssh details and performance optimizations. You can also manage PHP versions and monitor bandwidth usage and PHP-FPM directly from the dashboard.

Opinions and reviews on Nexcess 

Click here and you will be redirected to Trustpilot, where user comments and opinions are published.

Nexcess opinions
Nexcess opinions

Prices by Nexcess

Prices depend on the type of managed hosting you choose, along with other elements such as the number of users and disk space required.

The prices listed below are for when you pay on a monthly basis. You can save money by choosing an annual plan.

Nexcess prices

Let's start by looking at Nexcess' pricing for Magento hosting (

  • XS$ 49 per month for 20 users;
  • S - $ 99 per month for 40 users;
  • M - $ 179 per month for 60 users;
  • L - $299 per month for 80 users;
  • XL - $ 549 per month for 100 users;
  • XXL - $ 849 per month for 120 users.
Nexcess prices

And for managed WooCommerce hosting (

  • Starter: $ 9.50 per month;
  • Creator: $ 39.50 per month;
  • Merchant: $ 74.50 per month;
  • Standard$ 149.50 per month;
  • Growth: $ 274.50 per month;
  • Enterprise: $ 499.50 per month.
Nexcess prices

The hosting pricing plans for the WordPress site you manage ( are:

  • Spark: $ 9.50 per month;
  • Maker: $ 9.50 per month;
  • Designer: $ 54.50 per month;
  • Builder$ 74.50 per month;
  • Producer$ 149.50 per month;
  • Executive: $ 274.50 per month;
  • Enterprise: $ 499.50 per month.

Nexcess offers 14 day free trial. You don't need a credit card.

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