Ninja Forms: Guide to WordPress Plugin for Creating Custom Contact Forms

What is Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms ( is one of the most popular form builders for WordPress, which you can use to create any type of form on your site.

Let's take a look at the plugin in more detail.

Ninja Forms homepage

How Ninja Forms works

Ninja Forms offers a wide range of free features, but premium options offer more tools for marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and payments.

Front End Posting

Ninja Forms' Front End Posting feature allows users to create public posts and pages without intervening in the dashboard.

Posts can be created either with the Gutenberg editor or with a WordPress builder like Elementor o Beaver Builderbut in this case you need to intervene on the backend, which helps from a security point of view but makes it more complex to accept guest posts.

However, with the Front End Publishing feature, you can allow visitors to submit requests to add articles to the site and also give them the ability to control categories, tags and titles.

Guest posts end up in WordPress drafts automatically, allowing you to approve or not approve the posts. The feature is available with a Ninja Forms subscription.

User management

WordPress offers a built-in feature that allows users to register and create a profile. Ninja Forms is often touted as a viable alternative to the registration widget offered by WordPress, as it allows you to create very elaborate and data-rich registration and login forms, as well as send custom email notifications to new users with all the details.

Multi Part Forms

Ninja Forms Multi-Part Forms

With Ninja Forms, you can break down your registration forms into multiple parts for a better user experience. Having to fill out very long and complicated forms often causes visitors to abandon the page, leaving you with no leads.

With Ninja Forms' Multi Part Form feature you can split a form into multiple parts and add engaging content such as questions, quotes or statistics to keep users' attention.

The form split is in fact a recommended practice in the CRO for optimize form conversions.

The option is applicable in many ways. You can use it for lead and survey generation and on your contact page. There is no limit to the number of forms you can create.


Ninja Forms helps you receive payments online. Paid subscription plans support multiple gateways, in the style of, which you can add to your modules. The first is Elavon, a credit card processor based in the United States, present in over 30 countries and used by over one million users worldwide.

Alternatively, you can opt for Stripe, which allows you to receive money from any country. Many companies use it for bulk transaction management.

For greater flexibility, the following is available PayPal Ninja Forms, with a support base of over 200 million users worldwide. It is highly regarded for its security features, as it can prevent traders from accessing customers' credit card details. Also, you can use the payment features to accept donations.

Spam protection

Spam isn't just about junk mail, it's also more about traffic generated by bots and malicious activity that can slow down your site.

A good help to avoid spam comes from antispam toolkit by Ninja Forms, powered by the Akismet plugin that blocks bots, malicious malware, suspicious traffic, and so on.

The configuration option is pretty simple. You'll need to install the Akismet protection app and enable the feature in the follow-up actions submenu when creating a form.

You can further tighten security by using reCaptcha (of which there is also a free alternative, HCaptcha, on Ninja Forms. The service leverages Google's machine learning algorithms to interrupt suspicious activity and verify whether a visitor is actually human or a bot.

Conditional logic

With Ninja Forms you can create dynamic, interactive WordPress forms that are specifically designed to meet the needs of your users.

Collecting leads is the best way to build email lists. The tool of conditional logic Ninja Forms allows you to create intelligent forms that respond to user input.

By setting specific conditions, you can automatically send follow ups based on a user's response, as well as send custom notifications, and show or hide specific questions.

Ninja Forms Webhooks

With the Ninja Forms web hook, developers can transfer the collected data to a different location, such as cloud storage, mobile apps or other websites.

There are GET actions to collect information and POST actions to transfer it remotely. You simply need to specify the fields with the information you need.

With this feature, you can connect your WordPress modules to any external service, and you don't need to write any code.

User Analytics

Organizing data is essential for optimizing marketing campaigns. There are usually two ways to do this: using multi-part forms or depending on user analytics. The first option is quite complex, requires many steps and may not provide accurate information. It is advisable to choose the second option, linking Ninja Forms to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics collects data, including country, gender, IP and more, and can see the sources of traffic. By knowing this information, you can design more effective promotions to generate conversions.

Layouts & Styles

With Ninja Forms you can create beautifully designed multi-column form layouts and WordPress forms without using CSS.

Instant updates

Updating the Ninja Forms plugin and extension is very easy. All you have to do is click.

Benefits of Ninja Forms

Here are the main benefits of using Ninja Forms.

Free Plugin

The main Ninja Forms plugin is always free, and the Pro version offers add-ons and more advanced features.

Ease of use

Using the Ninja Forms WordPress plugin is very simple. The user interface is extremely clear and intuitive. When you open the application, you will see a blank canvas on your left, while on the right is a menu with all the tools.

The drag and drop selection feature is one of the main strengths. All you have to do is drag a field into the builder, and you're done. You can add names, emails, addresses and so on.

WP Ninja Forms also offers a preview. While creating forms, you can see how they will look after publishing. We point out, however, that there is currently no device switcher available, and you can't check whether the various elements of the page will fit different screens.

You can incorporate multiple follow up actions on forms, such as a thank you message after a user submits their responses.

Also, Ninja Forms is GDPR compliant. Subscribers have complete control over their information and can set an expiration date for their subscription.


Ninja Forms allows you to enhance your contact form with premium add-ons without necessarily having to purchase an expensive package. Add-ons can be requested separately.


Ninja Forms Integrations

Ninja Forms ( is integrated with:

Opinions and reviews on Ninja Forms

With over a million active installations, Ninja Forms is one of the best WordPress form generators available on the market. Read user reviews here:

Ninja Forms opinions
Ninja Forms opinions

Prices of Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms prices

Without a doubt, Ninja Forms is one of the best WordPress Form Builder plugins on the market. This plugin offers free and paid solutions (, as indicated above.

If you want to have more flexible features and add-ons, we recommend opting for Ninja Forms' Pro plans.

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