Oribi: Guide to Web Analytics Software Alternative to Google Analytics

What is Oribi

Founded in 2015 by. Iris Shoor, Oribi (https://oribi.io/) is one all in one web analytics tool competes with Google Analytics.

In short

Oribi helps businesses make data-driven decisions with technology that allows users to track goals, understand their visitors, and optimize their marketing efforts for the best possible results.

It helps both beginners and professionals to generate traffic insights and improve the overall conversion rate without technical skills or hiring professional developers. Let's see how Oribi works and why it is a good alternative to Google Analytics.

Oribi provides dashboards Simple and easy to use website statistics. Users can track goals and learn about website activity. Even with a little experience, Oribi Analytics helps you create channels, define conversions and create reports.

With Oribi, you can automatically monitor your website for any changes and it provides you with instant notification of your platform's performance, any kind of change in the number of conversions for your business goals. It guides you in various areas such as how to increase conversions, which marketing buttons work best, which buttons bring in the most traffic, and which are your best visitors.

If you want to replace Google Analytics, Oribi Analytics is an alternative to consider. Another important point to share: you can easily analyze and evaluate all your marketing content and fixes with a filterable funnel configuration.

Oribi homepage

Features of Oribi

Oribi functionality

Let's see together the main features of Oribi (https://oribi.io/features).

Insights & Trends

Oribi Insights & Trends

With Oribi you get suggestions and insights that are useful in achieving your goals. Oribi not only tracks what happens, but provides an interpretation of why it happens.

Automatic Event Tracking

Oribi Event Tracking

Oribi allows you to monitor conversion targets automatically, without code intervention or developer intervention: events are updated automatically.

For example, every button click, page visit or contact form completion is tracked automatically and new buttons, pages and forms updated automatically.

Funnel and filters

Oribi Funnel and correlation

Oribi's optimization tools help you discover bottlenecks: where you lose potential customers, even intra-domain. You can filter the channel view by channels, devices, countries, to evaluate how different visitors complete a process.

Multichannel Analysis

Oribi Marketing Channel Analysis

Oribi helps you quickly identify the channels that acquire prospects and result in more conversions.

You can also monitor and compare multiple campaigns using the UTM parameters and evaluate how each channel contributes to your goals.

Visitor Journeys

Oribi Visitor Journeys

Oribi allows you to examine the Visitor Journey of each session of each unique visitor

You can then understand each step of individual visitors to learn about specific behavior and examine the best paths. It allows you to connect, through a specific integration, email addresses to evaluate in more detail the customer journey of each lead.


Oribi Reports

If you sell directly online, Oribi offers some specific reports that are ready-made and organized to share your results. You can customize the look, logos, and even the data you want to include. You can also schedule automatic sharing of reports, choosing only positive trends.

Attribution Models

Oribi Marketing Attribution

Discover all the touchpoints of funnel of your potential customer by choosing from different templates.

With Oribi you can assign in a simple, immediate and graphically appealing way the attribution models to the various channels: which is the best channel for Awareness? And the one for conversion?

WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins

Oribi WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins

Oribi has developed a simple plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce to insert your script without having to edit a template.

Oribi VS Google Analytics

Let's take a look at some of the differences between Oribi and Google Analytics.

Individual monitoring

Unlike Google Analytics, which is more limited in its analysis of proven information, Oribi allows for a more in-depth analysis of individual user behavior.

3 Dimensions

Unlike Google Analytics, Oribi provides 3 dimensions.

In Google Analytics, you depend on two dimensions, limiting you whenever you try to examine the data: you may need to see how many visitors came from a specific advertising channel, landed on a particular website, and used a single system.

Help and support

Oribi has an excellent customer support team that you can connect to via text and email.

Event-based analysis

While Oribi refers to activities, customers and transactions, Google mostly refers to traffic.

Opinions and reviews on Oribi

Oribi opinions

Read customer reviews here: https://oribi.io/customer-stories.

Prices of Oribi

Oribi prices

Oribi offers three packages (https://oribi.io/pricing) that allow users to choose based on their needs and requirements. Plan prices are:

  • Business Website, starting at $ 410 per month, billed annually;
  • eCommerce Shop, starting at $ 328 per month, billed annually;
  • Marketing Agency, starting at $ 615 per month, billed annually.

Oribi does not offer a free plan.

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