Outgrow: Create Quizzes, Surveys, Calculators and Sweepstakes for Lead Generation

What is Outgrow 

Outgrow (https://outgrow.co/) is a platform that allows you to create engaging interactive content such as quizzes, surveys, chatbots and questionnaires.

The brainchild of two tech experts, the platform has helped companies and marketers create more than 50,000 interactive calculators since its inception in 2015.

With Outgrow you can focus on the end result instead of having to worry about the technicalities of creating interactive content.

Read this review to find out more about Outgrow and how you can use it to boost your business as a Lead Generation.

Outgrow homepage

How Outgrow works 

Before we take a look at the features (https://outgrow.co/features/), let's look at some of the benefits of using Outgrow.

Decrease Bounce Rate

The more users interact with your pages, the longer they stay on your website, which ultimately reduces Bounce Rate. With different types of content on Outgrow, you can help reduce your bounce rate and indirectly (and potentially) increase your conversion rate.

Increase conversion rates

Outgrow Increase Conversion Rates

With Outgrow's features, analytics, and performance recommendations, you'll be able to use your interactive content like quizzes, surveys, and sweepstakes to increase conversion rates by up to 30% more.

Create an email list

Quizzes, surveys, forms and other tools on the platform are great for increasing newsletter subscribers and sending follow-up messages with content.

Increase social shares for your content

The platform's social integration feature makes it easier for users to share content on social, exposing your business to a new portion of your audience and helping you grow your email list.

And now, let's take a look at the main features of the platform.

Smart Builder App

Outgrow Smart Builder App

This powerful tool simplifies the development of interactive content. You will be able to easily create questions and options thanks to the simple and intuitive interface with the following features:

  • Text Input
  • Single/multiple selection
  • Numeric cursor
  • Opinion/Rating scale
  • Date/Time Selector
  • Uploading files


Outgrow Templates

Instead of having to create your own interactive content from scratch, you can use one of the dozens of pre-designed templates (https://outgrow.co/examples/).

You can search for templates by industry or by the type of tool you want. When you search by industry, you get real examples of the templates in use, making your choice even easier.

We list below the different content templates to choose from.

Numerical Calculator

Outgrow Numerical Calculator

This function (https://outgrow.co/calculator/) allows you to use mathematical formulas to provide projections, estimates, cost savings, ROI.


Outgrow Quiz

Outgrow allows you to make quizzes (https://outgrow.co/quiz/) based on modal "if/then" logic. This means that instead of sending all quiz takers on one path, you can send them on multiple paths depending on their answers to your questions. This way, users are split up as they answer the quiz questions.


Outgrow Ratings

This tool (https://outgrow.co/assessments/) allows you to provide your audience with scores based on how each user answers questions. You can use ratings with tests or quizzes.


Outgrow Polls

The surveys (https://outgrow.co/polls/) are a way to increase engagement.

Recommendation ecommerce

Outgrow Recommendation ecommerce

This feature allows you to ask questions so you can provide targeted recommendations by filtering a wide range of products and services (https://outgrow.co/ecommerce-recommendations/). This is a tool that you should have if you manage a ecommerce.


Outgrow Chatbot

This function (https://outgrow.co/chatbots/) allows you to ask questions with a chatbot mode so you can provide advice or results to your users.


Outgrow Giveaways/Contests

If you regularly organize giveaways on your website or social media, this tool (https://outgrow.co/outgrow-contests-giveaways/) can help you generate more leads by making it easy to give rewards to users who share your content.


Outgrow Forms/Surveys

With this tool (https://outgrow.co/outgrow-forms-surveys/) you can collect data from potential customers and you can use it for employee satisfaction surveys or create professional contact forms.

Easy website embedding

Instead of hosting your interactive content on Outgrow's platform, you have the option of embedding it on the pages of your website.

You can easily do this by going to the General Settings tab for any type of content you create on the platform.


Outgrow Performance

This category shows you how well you are doing on the Outgrow.. platform. The platform directly shows you what you can do to get more out of using it and increase your ROI (https://outgrow.co/increase-roi/) for each aspect.


If you have interactive content on your site, this is where you can check performance. You'll find the Analytics tab next to the Dashboards and Performance tabs in the Outgrow interface.

Here are some things you can do with the different analytics features:

  • OverviewGet an overview of your visitors and conversions.
  • User detailsSee detailed analysis and user responses.
  • User funnelsGet detailed metrics on user journeys.
  • Compare: compare the results collected on Outgrow.
  • ReportConsider and send customized PDF reports.
  • Correla: find relationships between data collected on Outgrow.

Other Outgrow features

Other features of Outgrow include:

  • Wide range of interactive content templates: There are many predefined templates to choose from so you don't have to create content from scratch. Each of these templates can also be optimized with customizable layouts.
  • Support: The platform has a customer support team and help desk, as well as many YouTube articles and tutorials to answer all your questions.
  • Feature-rich product: Outgrow is a powerful platform that regularly adds new tools to help you create interactive content.
  • You can create any type of instrument without be a programming expert and without necessarily having to delegate the task to professionals.
  • Allows full embeddingThe platform allows you to embed any content you create on your website with just a few clicks.


Outgrow allows you to easily integrate the platform with most email tools and over 1,000 customer relationship management services (CRM) and marketing.

Outgrow integrations include: 

Opinions and reviews on Outgrow 

Outgrow has achieved a score of an impressive 4.8 out of 5 on G2.com. Check out the user comments here: https://www.g2.com/products/outgrow/reviews#reviews

Outgrow opinions

Outgrow prices

Outgrow prices

To unlock the full functionality of the software, you must upgrade to one of the premium plans (https://outgrow.co/pricing/), which are as follows:

  • Freelancer Limited at $ 14 per month;
  • Freelancer to $ 25 per month;
  • Essentials at $ 95 per month;
  • Business at $ 600 per month.

Outgrow offers a free trial. No credit card is required, all you have to do is enter your email and you can start using the platform right away.

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