Earning with Domain Parking: Complete Guide

Parked domains

Can you make money with internet domains? And if so, how? There are several ways to earn online with domain names, from sale of domains and websites complete that we have already seen in another article to parked domains.

Domain Parking

"Domain parking", translation of the English "domain parking" means. Place advertising links on unused domains by earning money from the clicks a user randomly lands on a domain.

You will then understand that it is necessary that the domains where you insert a domain parking service have trafficgenerated, for example, by incoming links (referrals): it will be necessary to first determine whether the domains have traffic, with programs such as Google Analytics (if you already own the domain) or with traffic detection software such as Alexa (if the domain is to be purchased, for example through domain auctions).

How do you park your domain?

To park your domain you need to :

  1. register to one of the domain parking services
  2. pointing DNS towards the servers indicated by the "domain parking provider".

Once these operations have been carried out, from control panel of the domain parking provider will be possible:

  • choose the "parking" graphic;
  • monitor the performance of the ads, in terms of clicks, CTR and related earnings;
  • choose the keywords to associate with the domain.

The main services of domain parking or domain parked


The world's leading domain auction broker also offers a domain parking service for purchased domains. On the Sedo domain parking page you can find further information on this service, which not only allows you to place advertisements but also to make an offer to purchase the domain.


Namedrive places Google advertisements (ad feeds) and sponsored ads related to domain names on domains. In this way the advertisements are shown in the language of the site related to the content of the domains.

Namedrive allows you to have over 40 pages of domain parking and 21 languages.


Hostgator is another well-known hosting provider that provides a domain parking service.


The leading hosting provider in the USA provides a domain parking service.


Have you ever tried a domain parking service? Tell me about your experience in the comments below.

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