Pipedrive: CRM Sales Guide for Sales Pipeline Management

What is Pipedrive

Used by over 95,000 companies in 179 countries, Pipedrive ( www.pipedrive.com/ ) is a customer relationship management software (CRM) in the cloud, also suitable for small businesses. Pipedrive allows you to manage sales pipeline and visualize their sales processes based on planning, completing and tracking tasks with visual pipelines.

Built using an activity-based sales methodology, Pipedrive simplifies every action involved in selling. As it is a cloud-based application, the solution can be accessed 24/7 using any browser or dedicated mobile app.

Pipedrive is also, as we'll see, affordably priced, easy to use and made by sales experts.

Pipedrive homepage

Pipedrive features

Let's take a look at Pipedrive's main features together.

Managing prospects and business

Pipedrive Manage prospects and business

Get more compelling leads placed directly into your sales pipelines 24 hours a day from the custom chatbot and web forms.

Monitor communications

Pipedrive Keep track of communications

Monitor calls, emails, and contact history exactly where you need them, and you'll have full visibility and control of your schedule.

Automate and grow

Pipedrive Automate and grow

Eliminate busy work by automating repetitive administrative tasks and learn from artificial intelligence.

Insights and reports

Pipedrive Insights and Reports

Delve into metrics customized for your business and evaluate performance against goals.

Privacy and Security

Pipedrive Privacy and Security

With Pipedrive you can have full transparency of when and how your company data is used.

Apps and mobile integrations

Pipedrive App and mobile integrations

Access Pipedrive from your mobile device and integrate it with your favorite apps to increase sales.

Customer service

Pipedrive Customer service

Pipedrive offers a customer service available in English 24/7 and additional support phone numbers are available in Portuguese, German, French and Spanish. In addition, Pipedrive offers email support and an extensive online documentation library.

Benefits of Pipedrive

With Pipedrive, your company can have an efficient and intuitive overview of the sales pipeline.

Bids will be displayed at different stages of the sale, allowing you to see your team's progress and control which bids to push on.

Efficient sales management

Pipedrive acts as your personal sales manager that helps you choose which activities to focus on. The app gives you a clear overview of your sales pipeline. An effective sales methodology is built into the software. Pipedrive offers a robust hosting infrastructure and nightly backups in multiple locations.

Quick closing of the deal

Adding offers in Pipedrive is easy: just click on the button Add Offer at the top of the bid section and enter the required data in the pop-up dialog box.

The advanced task planner makes it easy to organize events and meetings in your calendar without the risk of duplicate entries.

In the tab Mail all emails are synchronized and you can forward documents and close specific deals with contacts that are not displayed in the Pipedrive list. The bulk edit feature has been redesigned to edit different fields and gives you the freedom to choose colors and symbols. 

Well organized lead collection

The minimalist layout of this system facilitates lead management, as do the nearly endless configuration possibilities. The system collects contact information via customizable Web Forms, which can be entered directly into the user's site or newsletter, or created manually within the Settings section. Numerous CRM and contact management integrations allow you to import leads from other systems, regardless of their number.

Web Personalization

With Pipedrive, you can customize just about anything. You can add specific fields to change the stages of your sales pipeline to suit your business needs, and turn entire modules on or off with a single click.

When communicating with your customers, you'll have access to a variety of editing filters to personalize messages or share files that you think will be useful to your colleagues and co-workers. Group discussions are also available.

Top-notch statistics and reports

One of the most useful tabs in this system is Statistics, which can also be linked to the dashboard and presented to other colleagues for better understanding of critical metrics.

There you can track the performance of individual agents, the value of each deal, or the history of each lead. Recent improvements to the system allow for critical comparisons, such as between closed and lost deals.

As for reports, keep in mind that Pipedrive can store all conversations and relevant information in a centralized database, from which you can export it to other systems or use your app to pull detailed summaries. You can also take a look at the Live Dashboard and track the status of your wins, losses, tasks and news, or customize a special report that will show all aspects of your performance.

Full optimization for mobile devices

Pipedrive allows you to take your sales pipeline with you wherever you go with its mobile apps. You can use the mobile web version of the app via tablet with your favorite browser. You can also take notes during a meeting or make calls using this app. All the data is saved in real time on a separate server.


Pipedrive integrations

Pipedrive is compatible with some of the most popular apps, including:

Opinions and reviews on Pipedrive

Used, as mentioned, by more than 95,000 companies in 179 countries, Pipeline offers advanced functionality, and ease of use is its strong point. You can check out customer reviews on the home page https://www.pipedrive.com/.

Pipedrive opinions


Pipedrive prices

Pipedrive offers three plans (https://www.pipedrive.com/pricing).

The plan Base starts at $ 12.50 per month and offers customizable pipelines, fields, and a dashboard. However, you're missing out on some of the platform's most useful features at this price.

The plan Advanced starts at $ 24.90 per user per month. With this plan you get inboxes that sync in real time, email automation and open tracking, highlighted fields to identify key information, and the ability to set user permissions for all members of your team.

The plan Pro is more expensive, $ 49.90 per month. It adds email distribution lists, call tracking, multiple customizable dashboards, and revenue forecasting. This plan also includes more admin features, including the ability to limit visibility of contacts and offers to certain members of your sales team.

Pipedrive also offers a plan Corporate, which can be further customized to meet your needs. This option starts at $ 99 per user per month for a minimum of 10 users, but you will need to contact Pipedrive directly for the actual cost for your business.

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