Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Lead Generation

For those who deal with services or the sale of customized products (but also for theecommerce) the Lead Generation, or the acquisition of potential customer contacts, is the main objective of (macro) online conversion, or one of the main ones.

But to turn a visitor to your website into a lead, they need to be able to leave their information, such as their email address. For this, beyond the traditional contact forms within the Landing PagesAd hoc tools can be useful.

If you use WordPress there are a wide range of premium plugins that can help you in the tasks of Lead Generation in a broad sense: yes, because it is not enough to worry only about the acquisition of the contact, but also about the construction of the Landing Pageconstruction and contact form optimization And conversion (lead) tracking.

This guide to the best plugins for lead generation is divided right into these 4 macro sections:

  1. Plugins for Lead Generation: i.e. plugins that, by means of popups or other methods, allow to optimize contact acquisition, be it a "simple" newsletter subscriber (list building) or a request for quote, as it happens in the case of the hot leads.
  2. Landing Page Plugin: after the click, whether it is generated by organic traffic (SEO) or from common online advertising tools such as Google ADS, Facebook Advertising e Linkedin Adsthe user lands on your landing page: the landing page note, which however can be more or less effective for converting into leads. In this section we will see WordPress plugins to create effective landing pages for converting user into leads, also known as Page Builders.
  3. Contact Form Plugin: Landed on your Landing Page, your visitor may want to fill out a form. It's the last and crucial step for converting the visitor into a lead. In this section, let's take a look at some plugins to create high-performing contact forms.
  4. Tracking: what is not measurable is not improvable, says an old adage. It also applies to lead generation. In this section we will see some plugins to accurately track everything functional to improve our initiatives.

Plugins for Lead Generation and List Building


Launched in 2013, OptinMonster ( is a software for the lead generation for marketing agencies, bloggers, e-commerce sites, useful for 3 main objectives:

OptinMonster allows you to create popup with high conversion template And email signup forms that help you turn abandoning site visitors into leads.

It has many useful functions, including:

  • a wide variety of templates that can be created with a Drag & Drop editor;
  • a wide variety of optin
  • la technology Exit Intent® which allows you to show popups at the exact moment when visitors are about to leave your site and different effects, triggers and targeting options, which allow you to segment message and popup occurrence to increase conversions;
  • a wide range of integrations with services of email marketing and landing page builders, such as SendinBlue, Hubspot,.

The cost of OptinMonster ( starts from $ 9 per month and you can choose from several subscription plans with different features. To get advanced features like Exit Intent technology and Yes/No forms, you need to subscribe to the Pro plan from $ 29 per month. A good alternative to OptinMonster could be ThriveLeads, which offers a range of different types of lead generation modules and a drag and drop builder.


Contests and giveaways are an "engaging" way to get more leads and build your newsletter subscriber list .

RafflePress ( is a plugin giveaway for WordPress. It allows you to easily create custom contests that promote viral sharing and encourage visitors to refer a friend, allowing you to not only collect email addresses but also spur the growth of likes and followers on major social media outlets.

RafflePress offers contest page templates that you can customize with your own images, theirs and quickly add text, buttons and more.

RafflePress, leveraging FOMO (fear of missing out) allows you to incentivize participation in contests, sweepstakes and giveaways by awarding recurring rewards and incentives so people can share. You can also quickly link the giveaway to your email marketing.

A free version of RafflePress is available in the WordPress plugin repository. Paid licenses have an annual price of $ 49:

Landing Page Plugin


SeedProd ( is a Landing Page Builder for WordPress, similarly to Elementor, used according to the official website by over 1 million industry professionals. With SeedProd you can quickly create high-converting click landing pages using drag and drop builder, without needing to intervene in the code.

SeedProd offers over 100 ready-made Landing Page templates to create sales pages, optin pages, landing pages for lead generation with a webinar and more.

Some key features of SeedProd include:

  • Drag & Drop Block Editor: drag and drop predefined landing page blocks such as contact forms, countdown timers, videos and more to create the high converting pages.
  • Intelligent Sections: uses predefined sections as headers and calls to action to create eye-catching layouts.
  • Lead Management: Track every subscriber with or without a third-party email marketing service provider.
  • Premium Integrations: collect emails with your favorite email marketing tools such as Constant Contact, Mailchimp e ActiveCampaign.

SeedProd ( offers four different pricing plans:

  • Basic, starting at $ 39.50 per year,
  • Plus, starting at $ 99.50 per year;
  • Pro, starting at $ 199.50 per year;
  • Elite, starting at $ 239.60 per year.

With the Basic plan, you can use the plugin on 1 site and get over 100 professional templates, email marketing integrations, 1-year support and more. The Plus plan gives you all the features of the Basic plan but you can use the plugin on 3 sites. The Pro plan is suitable for 5 sites and the Elite plan is for unlimited sites. Both Pro and Elite plans include domain mapping as an additional feature.

Contact Form Plugin


WPForms ( is one of the most popular contact form plugins currently available on the market, allowing you to create custom contact forms optimized for conversions, as well as easily manage notifications of acquired contacts. Over 3 million website owners use WPForms to create any kind of online form for their WordPress site, customizing it thanks to the drag & drop editor.

You can choose from over 100 predefined templates, which you can customize to suit your needs using the drag & drop form builder interface.

Lead Generation models include:

  • Newsletter subscription form
  • Content download form
  • Online event registration form
  • Quote Form
  • Competition entry form
  • Events questionnaire form

WPForms integrates with the numerous email marketing services and providers CRM, allowing you to automatically add leads to your list. Specifically, with WPForms Pro you'll integrate with email marketing tools and CRM favorites such as:

You can also use Zapier to create lead capture forms and send entries to Zoho CRM, Mautic or SendFox.

Whenever someone submits the form, you will automatically receive an email notification. You can easily turn this off if you prefer not to receive email alerts. WPForms will also store each completed form in your WordPress database. Using WPForms you can also send notifications to multiple recipients. For example, you may want to send the customer request notification to a specific person on the sales team and their supervisor.

WPForms costs from $39.50 per year, and a free version with limited functionality is also available...: A good alternative to WPForms could be Formidable Forms, which, for $59 per year, offers good tools that allow you to create any type of form.

Lead Tracking Plugin


MonsterInsights ( is one of the most popular Web Analytics plugins for WordPress. It collects all kinds of useful information from services like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. It then compiles the data into clear reports that can be used by anyone, even without prior knowledge of Web Analytics tools. MonsterInsights It also has modules for WooCommerce store monitoring and specific functionality for GDPR compliance.

MonsterInsights shows you which pages get traffic, which links get the most clicks, and allows you to measure the best performing call to action (CTA) buttons. Among the features offered by MonsterInsights is the file download tracking report. This tool allows you to easily monitor the performance of your Lead Magnet like ebooks. No configuration and no scripts: MonsterInsights recognizes common downloadable files and automatically tracks them.

With this WordPress lead generation plugin, you can easily see which resources get downloaded the most and which ones need more work to improve their performance.

A free version of MonsterInsights is available. Paid licenses are priced from $ 199 per year:

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