ProveSource: what it is, how it works and what are the prices

ProveSource ( to Proof, allows you to increase sales by simply installing a pixel that creates notifications pop up to illustrate to users browsing the site registrations or purchases made by other customers.

ProveSource is designed to instill in potential customers a sense of "scarcity". i.e. the fear of not being able to buy the product they want because others are doing so at the same time.

Not only that, the sight of purchases just made by other users, creates a sense of social proofalso based on the Cialdini's rules of persuasion.

But what is it and how does ProveSource work? Let's discover it together!

What is ProveSource?


ProveSource offers the ability to increase conversions with the functions provided by the ProveSource platform among which the main one is the fully customizable pop up that shows website visitors or the user browsing the app what others are buying and the actions they are taking, or user reviews of products, the services and items they're buying.

The main ProveSource tools

TestSource, for be able to induce a sense of social disapproval in users and help them make more purchases, it offers several functions and services. Let's see the main ones together.

The ProveSource main tools are:

  1. Pixels to highlight customer activities: this feature allows you to install on your website or application a pixel that generates a popup that they can view all users who are browsing the site. This popup shows users what activities others are doing when they visit such as: shopping, ordering new products, new comments or reviews on products and services.
  2. Creating notifications: la creation of TestSource notifications allows you to customize and create your own notifications. So you will have the freedom to choose how the notifications will be displayed by setting the rules you prefer. But what is this function for? Basically, it allows potential customers and users who have already made a purchase to get a notification on their PC or smartphone whenever someone else is shopping on your webpage or app.
  3. Conversion Analysis: ProveSource allows you to capture, highlight, and monitor conversions that you get through sales or subscriptions to your newsletter. With this feature you can track all conversions of web forms and webhook personalized. Through conversion analysis you can see what they are mostly from affected users when they browse the site and what attracts potential customers the most leading them to leave their contact or make a purchase.
  4. Dashboard for data management: ProveSource provides a very large dashboard and intuitive, in which all the information you need to control your website is organized. From this dashboard you can see notifications that users create, how many potential customers browse the site or app, what actions they take if they make purchases or fill out the form and how many abandon the products in the cart or do not complete the contact form.

How ProveSource works

How ProveSource works

Using ProveSource on your website is really very simple, in fact it works like a traditional pixel, very similar to that of Facebook Advertising.

To use the platform you have to:

  1. Create your account on ProveSource (it takes less than a minute) on
  2. Enter your email address and the chosen password
  3. Choose the plan that best suits your needs
  4. Copy the code of the ProveSource snippet and add it to all the pages of the website (maybe using Google Tag Manager)
  5. Update the site and confirm the installation
  6. Follow the wizard to create notifications in just six steps by choosing: colors, timing, display rules, location, text and image
  7. Track and monitor activities of your users such as: impressions, leads, clicks, engaged visitors, engagement rate, sales, form signups etc...
  8. Connect the platform with Google Analytics to get better and more accurate statistical analysis

ProveSource: Benefits

ProveSource is an easy to use platform that has several advantages for those who want to really improve website performance.

The main Benefits of ProveSource are:

  • Easy installation: you can add ProveSource to your website and application in minutes
  • Real conversions: All conversion data is done accurately, so you get accurate, authentic and verified data and not unrealistic estimates.
  • Time display rules: you can choose the time, speed and moment when notifications are triggered
  • Optimized for mobile viewing: notifications are displayed optimally on both iOS and Android smartphones
  • It integrates optimally with a hundred third-party platforms
  • Automatic tracking: automatically captures the conversions you get through your landing page or contact page
  • Several pop-up customization options: you can change the icon, text color, link title etc...
  • Possibility of show timed events if you don't have many users visiting your website yet

ProofSource vs Proof

TestSource and Proof are two very similar softwares both of them are used to exploit the feeling of social proof that help potential users to become customers by making a purchase or signing up to your landing page.

Most of the TestSource functions and Proof are similar to each other but there are also some services that the first offers to the detriment of the second these are:

  • Notifications of page visits
  • Information notifications
  • Product purchase notifications
  • Shopify native app
  • Native WooCommerce app
  • Localized notifications in 15 different languages

There are also some differences in terms of costs.

For example ProveSource has a 30-day trial plan and allows you to request a refund if you are not satisfied with the service. Proof, on the other hand, guarantees a 14-day trial. The plans offered are also different: while ProofSource features for each price range all its main functions, Proof provides for every plan of action limits which can be performed on the platform.

Finally, with regard to prices the ProveSource Starter Plan is priced at $16. and $42 for the Growth plan. Proof plans, on the other hand, are more expensive: Starter 79 dollars, Growth $129 and Premium Plan $199.

ProveSource: the main integrations

One of the advantages of ProveSource is its ability to work with various software and platforms and integrate with them as best we can. Integrate multiple programs Can have several benefits for your website. The platforms and Main software that integrates with ProveSource are:

  1. Webhooks
  2. Google Tag Manager
  3. Clickfunnels
  4. Zapier
  5. WooCommerce
  6. Shopify
  7. PageCloud
  8. Kajabi
  9. Leadpages
  10. Weebly
  11. Instapage
  13. Squarespace
  14. Cloudflare
  15. WordPress
  16. Magento
  17. OptimizePress
  18. Paypal
  19. MailChimp
  20. SendInBlue
  21. GoDaddy
  22. Joomla

ProveSource: opinions

ProveSource turns out to be a very useful tool on both landing pages and upsell pages and in both cases it contributes to an increase in sales and mailing list registrations. Using this platform is very simple because you just need to install the pixel by following the instructions that you will find within the ProveSource documentation. In addition, in case of difficulties, the customer service is considered punctual by customers and ideal to quickly solve any problem on the installation or on the operation of the site dashboard.

Provesource also allows countless integrations, most of which you use to work on your own website. Also very much appreciated is the tracking system and the ability to export all data from Google Analytics to understand the performance of the pixel and record user reactions. Finally, among the advantages of ProveSource is definitely the price, which is lower and more sustainable than that offered by other platforms for social proof as Proof.

ProveSource: Price

ProveSource is a platform which has three price plans, the first is completely free and allows you to understand what are the main functions of this service. But let's see in detail the various plans for the ProveSource pixel featured on

Free plan at 0 euro per month

  • 1000 unique visitors per month
  • 1 active notification
  • Unlimited impressions
  • All ProveSource features included
  • Removing the ProveSource watermark
  • Active customer service

Starter Plan at $16 per month

  • 10 thousand unique visitors per month
  • Unlimited Impressions and Notifications
  • Including all platform functionality
  • Removing the watermark
  • Customer Service

Growth Plan at $42 per month

  • 50 thousand unique visitors per month
  • Including every platform feature
  • Possibility of inserting your own personalised brand
  • Unlimited notifications
  • Unlimited impressions
  • Dedicated customer support

With ProveSource you can choose the best plan depending on the number of unique monthly visitors and the services you need.

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