Searchmetrics: A Guide to the SEO Suite for Ranking, Content, Link Building, Technical SEO and SEM Analysis

What is Searchmetrics

Searchmetrics ( is a suite of software and services for SEO and content marketing such as SEOZoom e SEMRush. Let's see together the characteristics.

Searchmetrics homepage

How Searchmetrics works

Searchmetrics Features

Searchmetrics suite ( consists of the following products.

Research Cloud 

Searchmetrics Research Cloud 

Research Cloud ( assesses competitors and your overall market, provides you with information about your industry at the domain, subdomain, directory and URL level. It also identifies keywords that can attract visitors.

Content Experience 

Searchmetrics Content Experience 

Content Experience ( helps you deliver content that suits your Buyer Personas, while also giving you the ability to compare your content with your competitor's content.

Search Experience 

Searchmetrics Search Experience 

Search Experience ( monitors your most valuable keywords by device, location, and search engine, helps you structure your search strategy based on market segments and product categories, and provides detailed reports so you can track your progress. The visibility graph shows when Google updates occur.

Site Experience 

Searchmetrics Site Experience 

Site Experience ( assists with on-site optimization and identifies errors and other technical issues on the SEO side.


Searchmetrics API

API ( allows users to build applications that use Searchmetric tools, integrate SEO/SEA/Social data into workflows and reports, and other functionality. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON. An account with the service is required and an API key can be obtained upon login.

In the next sections, we will cover the entire Searchmetrics feature set.

Visibility Guard

Visibility Guard is a feature that protects your web pages from losing traffic and conversions.

Visibility Guard highlights technical errors on your site that could negatively impact your bottom line. Specifically, it identifies:

  • Redirection errors
  • Server side errors
  • Meta noindex
  • Meta nofollow
  • X-Robot noindex
  • X-Robot nofollow
  • Canonical problems

All of these types of issues can limit your visibility in search unless you detect and correct them.

Content Performance

Content Performance uses Research Cloud to offer insights into how your competitors are generating traffic. You can also use the tool to compare metrics between a URL on your site and a similar URL on another site.

Mobile SEO

Searchmetrics gives you a complete picture of mobile SEO rankings and traffic. For starters, the tool shows you organic and paid mobile search rankings and volumes. It also allows you to compare your rankings with those of your competitors. The software also highlights mobile keywords that can help you rank, and it also allows you to monitor the performance of your mobile apps across all devices.

Global SEO

Searchmetrics helps you leverage data from over 100 million domains in 30 countries. You can use the tool to learn about the hardest backlinks and competitors in various regions. Searchmetrics will also help you define country-specific markets with targeted keyword sets.

Local SEO

This feature allows you to boost your local SEO with precise analysis. It analyzes local SEO rankings for 485 search engine combinations of cities in 14 countries.

Backlink analysis

Backlinks help improve rankings. The app analyzes the quality of your existing backlinks and also compares your backlink profile with that of a competitor to help you improve the Link Building.

SEM & PPC Optimization

Searchmetrics helps you improve your ad performance with reports that include useful information. It gives you information about the ads placed by competitors so that you can know the keywords they are using.

Keyword analysis

Searchmetrics provides you with an overview of all of your keywords, of their pages and related key performance indicators (KPIs). In addition, Searchmetrics delves into your competitors' sites to find out what keywords they are using.

Opinions and reviews on Searchmetrics

The reviews about Searchmetrics that you can find online and on the official website are extremely positive. Take a look here:

Searchmetrics opinions
Searchmetrics opinions

SearchMetrics prices

Unfortunately, Searchmetrics does not include pricing on its website. If you want to know how much it costs, you'll necessarily need to contact the sales team to request a demo.

Contact the Searchmetrics sales team and schedule a demo:

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