SemRush: Complete Guide to SEO, Google Ads, Social Media and Content Marketing Software

Semrush ( is a software which allows you to analyze from a point of view SEO, Google ADS, market research and social media marketing their own sites and those of their competitors.

Semrush is a useful tool for various web professionals, as well as necessary for those who work in SEO, Search Engine Marketing and more generally in the digital field.

But let's find out together how Semrush works, what are its main features, opinions and best alternatives, starting with a brief introduction.

What is Semrush UK?

Semrush is a Suite which provides a collection of utilities and tools that you can use to be able to work on your blog or website for its positioning on Google but not only, as we shall see.

A complete SEO platform

Known mostly for SEO, Semrush ( provides a number of features to work better on both on-page and off-page factors.

With this tool you can control and work, as we will see in detail in the following lines, on the link building of your website, you can monitor the campaigns you run as well as those of your competitors. You can also link your account to Google Analytics in order to have a complete overview of your traffic. In addition, thanks to this platform you can set the keywords that interest you and you can periodically check how they are positioned and what your competitors are.

All of Semrush's tools allow you to boost your content in terms of SEO, you can take advantage of integration with Google AnalyticsYou also have the possibility to check the trend of the results on social networks, check the backlink gap and manage your advertising campaigns.

Advantages of Sem Rush

Semrush in its paid version ( has several advantages. Some of the main advantages of this suite include:

  • The ability to create a custom project.
  • Constantly monitor the site audit.
  • Verify Position Tracking of your blog or website.
  • Get SEO ideas to improve your site ranking.

The platform is easy to use and also features manuals and courses to learn how to best employ it.


  • can be integrated with tools for analytics such as Google Analytics;
  • can be used for better management of Social Media;
  • presents a platform dedicated to advertising with Google ADS .

Semrush features

Semrush ( has several features and functionalities that allow you to structure and grow your online project in the best possible way. There are many tools available in this Seo Suite, so we can divide them into five specific categories: Content Marketing, SEO, Backlink Gap, Social Media and Advertising. Let's take a look at what you can do with Semrush in each area.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing offers the possibility to get an all-inclusive approach to your content. With dedicated content tools, you can offer more value to the user who reads your content. To create unique content and develop it in the best way you can use the tools for marketers that offer insights both analytical and creative.

With this option you can:

  • manage the editorial plan optimally;
  • Learn how to write optimized and engaging content;
  • measure the impact and performance of the content;
  • trovare innovative ideas for trending topics.

SEO Tools

Semrush seo tookit

The most used SemRush tools ( are definitely those that include the SEO area. The functions designed in this area allow you to get first of all a very wide vision of the SEO strategies of both your projects and those of your competitors. A very useful function for understanding how to improve your website is the one dedicated to the exploration of the domains of reference and also to the keywords for which this is positioned, this allows you to "spy" the competition and to also check your Google ranking.

Nowadays it is also very important that the site performs well from the point of view of loading speed and more generally of the User Experience, which is why SemRush provides features such as performance evaluation on mobile and desktop devices.

This SEO tool also features several functions to control the competition, strategy needed to best develop your project, the best options in this area are:

  • Analysis of competitors' organic results.
  • Exploring the strategies that bring him the most success.
  • Analysis of main sources of competitor traffic.
  • Search for the targeted keywords for which you your competitors are positioned.
  • Compare up to 5 different domains in terms of common or unique keywords.

For your personal project instead you can use other data such as: Site traffic analysis, keyword analysis, checking the keys placed for organic search, analyzing the performance of your website, checking the positioning of your website.

Here's a set of free tools:

  • Keyword Magic
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • Position Tracking
  • On Page SEO Checker
  • SEO Toolkit
  • Site Audit

Finally, the last tool you can use is the "SEO content model". This allows you to create easy-to-use templates to better optimize your SEO content and get suggestions on each page of your website to improve structure, links and keywords.

With the Seo Checker page instead you can get detailed information about your website, gather ideas on content and backlink strategies, and focus on the pages that have a higher traffic potential.

Backlink Gap

The backlink gap functions are specifically designed to improve your website's ranking.

In this area you can find several tools such as quick identification of opportunities you have for link building that can improve the functioning of the site.

This section also offers you other possibilities, such as detecting websites that link you to your competitors and you can check vital parameters in a table like: Volume trends, SERP features, competition level and everything else you need for keyword analysis.

Still on the topic of keyword analysis you will find tools such as:

  • Searching for keywords related to long tail.
  • Keyword suggestions for your project.
  • Popular and longtail keywords, get metrics and keyword functionality in SERPs.
  • The ability to organize projects with keyword lists.
  • An indicator of the level of difficulty of each keyword.
  • Classification of keywords into targets.
  • Detection of SERPs triggered by any keyword.
  • Comparison of 100 different target keywords.
  • The discovery of new high-potential keywords.

Backlink Analytics & Audit

The Analytics backlink functions by SemRush ( allow you to do a better job of targeting your project's backlinks. The tools you can use in this area are: in-depth analysis of your own and competitors' backlinks, unlocking opportunities for link building and new rival and lost backlinks, control the "weight" of your links.

The Backlink Audit functions allow you to access other features such as: checking your backlink profile details, identifying and removing toxic backlinks. Finally, this tool can be seamlessly integrated with Majestic SEO, Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Finally, you can choose to use in this area the tool called Link Building Tool. Through this application you can:

  • discover the best opportunities for backlinks in your niche;
  • Perform contact and link acquisition through email functionality;
  • Instant detection of acquired backlinks, proper monitoring of link position in the text.


In the field of Advertising with Google ADS i.e. paid search, Semrush ( provides an instrument with very broad functions to be able to do the right analysis in this area. With advertising tools you can:

  • Detect the top competitors you have on a paid search;
  • discover examples of the live competition ads;
  • see what keywords your competitors are targeting.

The advertising tools allow you to quickly evaluate your spending, keywords and traffic volume, and you can export graphs to share your results with your staff and customers.

Social Media

Semrush social media tookit

Finally, let's take a look at the features in SemRush dedicated to Social Media. Today, social networks have become increasingly important, which is why SemRush's features have evolved in this area as well. With the social media tools it's possible:

  • Manage the content plan for social media.
  • Plan posts weeks in advance.
  • Create drafts to save for a future project or idea.
  • Analyze the posts that were most successful.
  • Connect ideas and news feeds for external content.
  • Evaluate your social media performance against the competition with the Social Media Tracker.
  • Discover the interests of your competitors' audiences.
  • Review competitor content that performs better.

Semrush: Reviews

Opinions about SemRush ( are very positive from all its users. The opinions of the users identify this as a platform that works well, very intuitive and ideal for the management of SEO campaigns both small and large.

SemRush offers a lot of features and this is what attracts professionals in the industry the most, who need a tool that gives them the ability to analyze the competition and at the same time improve their online projects. From the point of view of "grievances" we find only one, some are unhappy with the price of the pro version, considered high compared to other instruments.

Semrush prices

Semrush Price

Semrush offers free access, but with somewhat limited features of the platform and also a limit on searches and access. For make full use of this SEO Tool you can choose instead to opt for one of the proposed paid plans such as:

  • Pros: For startups, freelancers, marketers, people following PPC, SEO and SMM projects. This plan is available for 99 euros per month.
  • Guru: For small and medium-sized marketing agencies. The price of this plan is 199 euros per month.
  • Business: dedicated to large e-commerce projects and businesses with a strong online presence. The price is 399 euros per month.
  • Enterprise: this is an option that allows you to obtain a fully customized plan and specific marketing solutions. In this case the price is agreed directly with the company.

In any case, a 7-day trial period is available by signing up here:

Alternatives (Free and not) to Semrush

What are the main alternatives to Semrush? This SEO tool is definitely one of the most comprehensive on the market and one of the most used by SEO professionals, but there are some great alternatives to Semrush.

One of the best tools to consider is definitely the italian proposal SeoZoom. Like Semrush also SeoZoom It has advanced features to help you manage your SEO projects in an optimal way and at the same time monitor the competition, as well as having, similarly to SemRush, some free features.

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