SEOZoom: Tools, Opinions and Prices of SEO Software Made in Italy

What is SEOZoom Suite?

SEOZoom ( is a web marketing suite made in Italy, which allows you to organize projects SEOanalyse traffic volumes, observe keyword trends, study competitors and much more.

Launched in 2015 by Ivano di Biasi and Giuseppe Liguori of SeoCube, an Italian 100% web agency, SEOZoom is a useful platform for those who work on the web, as it offers a wide range of tools that allow for all-round management of online projects.

Tutorial: I SeoZoom tool

SEOZoom is a business intelligence tool that allows you to consult statistics, benchmark data and charts to monitor your website and that of your competitors. With a single platform you can monitor all the information you need to develop your online project.

The platform is constantly being updated and offers increasingly specific and targeted features for the management of your online business. Let's see them together.

SEO Projects

SeoZoom SEO Projects

With daily checks by SEOZoom (, your job will be easier and you'll always have all the data you need to plan your strategy, check its effectiveness and make better decisions.

In this section you can:

  • Analyze the overall trend and performance with a project overview that covers a time range from 1 month to the last 2 years and allows you to view keyword positions and potential volume;
  • have a daily check;
  • Have a ranking monitor with reports on rising and falling keywords and potential ranking opportunities;

Content overview

SeoZoom Content Overview

SEOZoom allows you to categorize the pages of your website, group them according to their performance on Google and find out which ones need improvement: (

Thanks to this section you can:

  • Analyze your traffic performance in relation to your Crawl Budget: what percentage of the pages on your site are not bringing in traffic?
  • Pages with potential: SeoZoom identifies pages with growth potential based on search volume and current ranking, and suggests keywords to use in the content if the keyword is not present on the page.

SEO Analysis

SeoZoom SEO Analysis

The section Analyze by SEOZoom ( gives you real-time data on:

  • Positioning analysis based on key benchmarks;
  • analysis of individual urls with the performance of the page over time, keywords positioned and relative distribution of keywords from the first to the fifth page;
  • analysis of keywords not only based on search volume but also on metrics developed with SeoZoom's internal algorithms, such as Keyword Difficulty, Keyword Opportunity, average length of content in TOP 10, average backlinks, score given to each page based on the optimization of the main On Page factors such as Tag Title, URl, meta description, H1, H2, H3;
  • export tables: all tables are exportable and suitable for off-site processing and you can download ready-made PDF reports.

Competitor comparison

SEOZoom Competitor Comparison

With the Competition by SEOZoom ( you can:

  • identify competitors;
  • find out who's getting better results;
  • find out how they're getting traffic;
  • discover the best keywords of your competitors;
  • save competitor keywords in your project;
  • compare common keywords;
  • discover new keywords that you had overlooked;
  • focus on what your shortcomings are.

In particular you can make a comparison:

  • domain vs domain: traffic, keywords placed, time trend of 2 or more domains;
  • urls vs urls: by comparing up to 12 urls, you can discover competitors' best keywords, common competition and overlooked ranking opportunities.

Editorial Tools Seo Zoom

The section publishing tools by SEOZoom ( offers you support in writing content for your site, with:

  • editor with real time suggestions;
  • content analysis of competitors;
  • analysis of internal links of competitors;
  • estimation of the achievable traffic;
  • identification of topics and keywords;
  • industry trending topics.

Specifically, the section consists of:

Editorial Assistant

Editorial Assistant: an editor that allows the creation of content within SeoZoom with real-time suggestions on keywords to be inserted, presence or absence of the main on-page factors (title tags, heading tags...) with relative "SEO Score":

Editorial Assistant-SEOZoom-min

Suggest Article Keyword

SeoZoom analyzes the main competitors and identifies the topics and keywords to use in the texts.

Suggest Keyword Article SeoZoom

Suggest synonyms

Suggest synonyms is a tool that, starting from a specific keyword, proposes a list of synonyms and linguistic variants to be used in texts.

Suggest SeoZoom Synonyms

Sector news

SeoZoom identifies the most popular topics on the web for a specific industry.

Industry News SeoZoom

Keyword relevance analysis

Starting with a keyword, SEOZoom analyzes the sites in the TOP 10 and shows you how many times related topics have been used.

SeoZoom keyword relevance analysis

The SEO Spider by Seo Zoom

SeoZoom Spider

The SEO Spider by SEOZoom ( thoroughly analyzes your website identifying any errors in the code and the incorrect use of TAGs relevant to SEO. SEO Spider allows you to:

  • Identify serious errors and imperfections;
  • get an overview of the site;
  • find duplicates and missing information;
  • Scan the website and perform a technical analysis of the domain;
  • view data and correct errors;
  • export the analysis.

Keyword Research

The tools of Keyword Research by SEOZoom ( allow you to:

  • choose keywords strategically;
  • find new keywords from a keyword, making your job easier;
  • discover keywords of long tail;
  • Examine intent to provide better content;
  • Analyze niches to improve optimization;
  • access comprehensive and up-to-date information to help you search for keywords;
  • Organize, analyze, save and group data.

Specifically, the Keyword Research section includes the following tools.

Site Builder

Site Builder allows you to create the structure of websites based on the actual traffic each section would get.

Site Builder SeoZoom

Your keyword research

SEOZoom allows you to create endless keyword research that you can export at any time to provide to staff or clients and organize the work for each project.

keyword research SeoZoom

Keyword infinity

Keyword infinity is a database that grows and enriches every day as you use it. It helps you find new keywords that could be useful for your strategies and groups them by search intent.

Keyword infinity SeoZoom

Keyword search intent

In order to position a web page it is useful to investigate the most appropriate search intent. With this tool you can identify keywords that have the same search intent and examine the real need that drives users to make a query on Google.

Keyword search intent SeoZoom

With a convenient cellular view, this SEOZoom tool shows you groups of long tails grouped by topic, and allows you to view monthly search volumes for individual keywords and the overall volume for the group of keywords you have selected.

Interest finder

A cellular display chart that allows you to discover long tail keywords grouped by topic with relative search volume.

Interest finder SeoZoom

Discover related keywords

This SEOZoom tool shows suggestions on long-tail related keywords searched on Google, YouTube, eBay and Amazon.

Discover related keywords SeoZoom

Investigate sector

Here you can find new high-profitability keywords from a referring domain. Specifically, you can find out which keywords have interesting volumes but few indexed results. Using filters and sorting you can find content gaps.

Investigate SeoZoom sector

Knowledge graph search

With this SEOZoom function you can start a search on the recognized entities of the semantic web for the keyword entered.

Knowledge graph search SeoZoom

Link Building Tools in Seo Zoom

SeoZoom Link Building

In the area Link Building ( you can:

  • Analyze the backlink profile of websites;
  • create your strategy link building;
  • find partner links and websites to collaborate with.

Specifically, the Link Building section consists of:

Anchor strategy

Anchor strategy is a tool that allows you to identify the keywords and URLs that could bring traffic if linked and discover the anchor text more effective to use in web pages.

Anchor strategy SeoZoom

Find partner links

SEOZoom provides a comprehensive list of URLs from which it might be beneficial to receive a link.

Find SeoZoom partner links

Find industry partners

In this section of SEOZoom you can identify the most authoritative sites in each market niche with Zoom Authority filters.

Find industry partners SeoZoom

Editorial Plan Management

Editorial Plan Management SeoZoom

With the Editorial Plan ( you can:

  • manage your team;
  • assign article writing;
  • Monitor deliveries, publication deadlines and performance;
  • Offer SEO writing tools to copywriters;
  • plan the topics to work on;
  • choose the most suitable keywords;
  • write Google-optimized articles;
  • modify and improve the contents of the site;
  • monitor the work of the entire editorial staff.

Specifically, the Editorial Plan Management section includes:

Copywriter calendar

With this tool you can manage your editorial calendar, schedule publications, give guidance to copywriters and monitor performance.

SeoZoom Copywriter Calendar

Article Editor

By analyzing competitor texts during the writing phase, this SEOZoom tool provides real-time suggestions for writing Google-optimized articles.

SeoZoom article editor

SEO Tools

This area of SEOZoom is your toolbox ( whereby:

  • analyze lists of domains, keywords and URLs;
  • check the HTTPS protocols;
  • avoid mixed content.

The SEO Tools section consists of:

Analyze list of domains

This section allows you to monitor the performance of a list of domains and find estimated monthly traffic, total keywords and much more information.

Analyze SeoZoom domains list

Analyze keyword list

SEOZoom shows data on volume, average CPC, results indexed for a specific keyword and an index of the level of competition.

Analyze keyword list SeoZoom

Analyze URL list

SEOZoom shows you the potential traffic and the number of keywords for which the given web pages are positioned.

Analyze URL list SeoZoom

Keyword grouper

By entering a list of keywords, this tool creates relevant groups.

Keyword grouper SeoZoom

Mixed content

By inserting a website into the bar, this tool performs a check and reports whether all resources on the site are in HTTPS.

Mixed content SeoZoom

The SEO Report Seo Zoom

With SEOZoom's drag & drop editor ( you create your document by inserting widgets with your project data directly into the report layout. You can customize all the aspects that you consider important.

Save and schedule report

Once a report is created you can schedule automatic submissions with your preferred settings to receive regular updates.

Save and schedule SeoZoom reports

Save favorite templates

To speed up the work, you can import pre-made themes, import the structure and update the websites from which to collect the information.

Save favorite SeoZoom templates

Time Machine

With the Time Machine ( you can analyze a defined time period and find out:

  • which keywords have declined and which have been rewarded with an improved position;
  • which web pages have lost traffic and which have gained traffic;
  • backlinks received from the analyzed pages.

Use Time Machine on competitors

In addition to your own site, the Time Machine can also be used on competitor sites to identify the strategies and content that earn the most traffic.

SeoZoom Time Machine

Site trend

With the Time Machine you can find out what happens to the pages of your website and which areas have undergone changes.

SeoZoom website trend

Loser Keywords

Find out which keywords have dropped over the period in question. This tool allows you to find out what caused you to lose traffic and which URLs suffered the most.

Loser Keywords SeoZoom

Loser Pages

This section shows you the list of pages that have lost traffic so that you can plan your next steps.

Loser Pages SeoZoom

Winner Keywords

In this section, you are shown the keywords that were successful during the period under analysis. In detail, SEOZoom shows you how much traffic you have gained and which pages are affected.

Winner Keywords SeoZoom

Winner Pages

The Winner Pages section will show you the pages that have achieved a growth margin, so that you can replicate the strategy. It can also be useful to analyze the backlinks in-depth TAB.

Winner Pages SeoZoom

Websites Rankings

SeoZoom Website Rankings

With SEOZoom you can find out which are the 100 websites that are getting the most traffic from search engines for any niche market. All you have to do is select your industry and you will be shown the list of top players (, which have high search engine trust. You can use lists to study competitors, find partner sites and learn more about the niche.

SeoZoom top 100 ranking

SERP Observatory

SeoZoom SERP Observatory

With the SEOZoom SERP Observatory ( you can:

  • see in real time the variability of the first pages of Google on all keywords;
  • look at the value scale;
  • give a better context to your site.

L'SERP observatory SEOZoom shows real-time variability in the top Google pages across all keywords. When high variability occurs, it means something is going on and you need to figure out how to fix it.

L'Zoom Authority observatory, on the other hand, indicates the distribution of the domains present in SEOZoom in the various Zoom Authority ranges.

SeoZoom Authority Observatory

Seozoom WordPress Plugin

SeoZoom WordPress Plugin

You can access your SEOZoom data without leaving your CMS WordPress ( A dashboard will constantly show you how your site is performing and the editorial tools to write search engine optimized posts.


SEOZoomBar ( is a tool suitable for displaying on each web page URL returns using SEO Suite SEOZoom metrics.

For each site you are visiting, with SEOZoomBar you can see:

  • advanced metrics;
  • Estimated traffic for sites in SERPs;
  • Site trend: whether stable, growing or declining.

The new SEOZoomBar features:

  • improved interface;
  • tag and metatag control functionality;
  • link to the new English database SEOZoom;
  • translation of the interface according to the language set in the browser.

SeoZoom: Opinions and Reviews

You can read opinions and reviews from users who are already using SEOZoom here:

SemRush VS SeoZoom

SEOZoom VS SemRushYou may be wondering if there are other SEO tools you can use for your projects, and you may have already heard of SEMrush, a digital marketing suite that includes over 30 tools divided into different sections, or toolkits, dedicated to:

  • SEO;
  • contents;
  • Social Media;
  • paid advertising;
  • competitor analysis.

SEMrush is, therefore, a useful tool for website analysis and monitoring, suitable for freelancers, agencies and companies of all sizes. However, SEOZoom offers a wider range of features, tools, and in-depth analysis for a lower price.

The Webinars of the SEOZoom Academy

SeoZoom Academy

The service Academy ( provides access to a series of video lessons, guides and webinar in which you will be shown how to make the best use of the tools at your disposal to grow your website and deepen your skills not only on SEOZoom but on the SEO world in general.

SEOZoom: Prices

The subscription plans offered by SEOZoom ( are:

  • Litefor 49 euros per month + VAT;
  • Professionalat 69 euros per month + VAT;
  • Businessat 139 euros per month + VAT;
  • Corporateat 469 euros per month + VAT.

By choosing a yearly subscription plan, you can achieve significant savings.

SeoZoom prices

SEOZoom: Free trial

For each plan indicated you can make a evidence of 15 daysto test the functionality of SEOZoom free of charge and without obligation:

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