Slider Revolution: Guide to WordPress Plugin n°1 for Slider (and not only). Features, Opinions and Prices

What is Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution ( is a plugin for WordPress, known for slides, which has gained huge popularity in the WordPress community due to its wide range of features and ease of use.

Let's go over the functionality of the plugin.

Slider Revolution homepage

Slider Revolution features

There are so many functionalities integrated in Slider Revolution to simplify the creation of custom sliders for your website. Let's see them.

WordPress Visual Editor

Slider Revolution WordPress Visual Editor

With the WordPress Visual Editor ( you can create simple or advanced content modules. No code knowledge is required.

Pro-Level Design

Slider Revolution Pro-Level Design

You can also try out the multitude of useful design features provided with Premium Slider Revolution 6 (


Modules are the core of Slider Revolution. Every design task in the plugin starts with modules. You can create carousels, post displays, sliders, storefronts of ecommerce and other content elements using forms.

Modules function as a container that holds the content elements you want in the section of your website. The content can be in the form of text, image, video, audio, animation and visual effects. You can use one module in a section or a combination of different modules to level up your content display.

You can create the modules from scratch or use Slider Revolution's library of templates. You'll find templates for sliders, carousels, hero units, special effects, websites, posts, social media and others. 


Revolution Slider

A slider ( refers to a presentation on a website.

A presentation can consist of simple text, images, video or audio clips. You can have visually minimal presentations or visually complex but beautiful ones. Slider Revolution gives you the possibility to choose different sizes: full width, full screen or automatic resizing.

All sliders are fully responsive according to the guidelines set by Google.


Slider Revolution Carousel

A carousel ( is a combination of several elements that flows horizontally across a section of the website.

You can display large parts of content in separate tabs in a single carousel and they come with multiple size options, special effects and layout settings.

Hero Blocks

Slider Revolution Hero Blocks

Hero Blocks made with Slider Revolution ( can be a simple background image with title text or an animated, interactive visual presentation.

Background options range from colors, gradients, images, HTML5 videos, YouTube and more.    


Slider Revolution Website

Slider Revolution allows you to create a full webpage ( using different sections such as sliders, carousels, blog post display and multimedia post display.

Dynamic Content

Slider Revolution Dynamic Content

Social media feed posts, ecommerce product viewing and website blogging fall under the dynamic content (

Display the title, post content and featured image of your latest posts in a Slider Revolution module.


Slider Revolution Addons

Although Slider Revolution is feature-rich, you can still expand its capabilities through Addons ( that allow new possibilities for your design. And these add-ons are available in all plans.

Access over 25 Premium Add-ons. There's something for everyone in the constantly updated and growing library of add-ons. 

Advantages of using Slider Revolution

Here is a list of benefits you can enjoy using Slider Revolution:

  • Features: The number of features contained in the Slider Revolution plugin makes it your one-stop shop for everything to do with sliders.
  • Ease of use: The drag-and-drop visual editor has many customization options for creating sliders.
  • Excellent documentation and technical supportThanks to clear documentation, even those without technical knowledge can use the plugin.
  • No encoding: It's a simple plug-n-play thing that requires no coding to install the plugin or use it. Create the animation and display of your choice using the simple drag and drop selection option. Templates are also available with a one-click installation feature.
  • No previous design experience: The plugin offers you easy use, but there's not much of a learning curve like in design software like Adobe Photoshop or Aftereffects.
  • Regular updates: The developers have been improving and fixing bugs in Slider Revolution since it was released in 2012.
  • Security: With millions of websites using Slider Revolution, third-party security audits allow for transparency and accountability and an unbiased assessment of security vulnerabilities that need to be fixed. 

Opinions and reviews on Slider Revolution

Chosen by 7 million users, Slider Revolution is one of the best plugins on the market. It is easy to use, you don't even have to know coding. It has a lot of free features and free add-ons and is highly affordable.

Slider Revolution has a Average rating of 4.75 stars on Codecanyon. Read user reviews on the official website:

Slider Revolution opinions
Slider Revolution opinions


Paid plans ( offered by Slider Revolution are as follows:

  • Starterat € 29 per year;
  • Enthusiastat € 79 per year;
  • Professionalat € 129 per year.
Slider Revolution prices

Slider Revolution has one-time payment packages, in this case you don't need to pay an annual fee but you will only receive 6 months of support. Let's see the one-off prices.

Slider Revolution costs

This way, you can invest exactly what you need and use Slider Revolution to its full potential.

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