3 Reasons to Create Surveys and how to create Surveys & Pools in WordPress with a Plugin

Surveys in web marketing can be a way to achieve various goals, including asking for feedback on a product, service or experience in order to improve the user experience and why not, acquire leads.

Let's delve into these aspects and see in the second part how to create surveys and pools in WordPressbut first let's start with a distinction between the 2.

Surveys and Pools

Let's start with a distinction: the English language uses 2 terms, pool and survey. Although they seem to mean the same thing, there are differences, well rendered by this image:

Surveys and Pools
Source : https://www.questionpro.com/polls/poll-vs-survey.html

Customer Experience Surveys

We start with the use of surveys and polls for the customer experience: the request to a customer, perhaps after the purchase by exploiting the principle of Cialdini's commitment and consistencyIt can be a way to get feedback, which if published, can be useful in the buying process or internal improvement. Think, for example, of how in many sectors such as tourism, reviews are indispensable.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS)

There are various types of surveys to understand customer satisfaction. Among the most widely used is the Net Promoter Score (NPS)®.

Created and recorded by Bain & Company, the NPS is a quick survey that typically asks "How likely is it that you would recommend [company name] to a friend" with a question scored from 0-10.

User Experience and CRO Surveys

It's no accident that HotJarone of the most famous software for the CROhas among its functionalities a Pools call: in the case of Hotjar these are popups that emerge from the footer asking some questions with the possibility of using specific triggers like a certain scroll percentage or theexit intent:

hotjar pools

Surveys are great for discovering bottlenecks on a page, for example I use them to ask why the visitor is leaving the page without converting.

ConversionXL cites as an example (https://conversionxl.com/blog/on-site-surveys/) where a popup survey helped clarify what visitors were most interested in: subsequent optimization based on the information obtained allowed aincrease conversions up to 23.9% on some pages.

Surveys for Lead Generation

Why not try to turn a survey request into a lead acquisition tool?

By creating a poll with WPFormsWordPress plugin, you can integrate it via shortcode in OptinMonster (www.optinmonster.com), the plugin for the lead generation in WordPress. Here's a tutorial: https://optinmonster.com/how-to-create-a-wordpress-survey-popup/

It can be a good idea to add an incentive for your users to take the survey. A great tool to do this is RafflePress (www.rafflepress.com), a WordPress plugin for creating surveys and sweepstakes.

Let's see how to create Surveys and Pools in WordPress with a plugin, WPForms.

Create Polls in WordPress with WPForms Plugin

WPForms (www.wpforms.com), the well-known WordPress plugin for creating forms and contact forms in WordPress, has recently integrated with an addon, WPForms Surveys and Polls, which allows, via the drag & drop editor of WPForms, to create surveys and interactive for your WordPress site.

WPForms Surveys and Polls is certainly not the first nor the only WordPress survey plugin, but it differs in a few ways, such as

  • analysis and reporting of results for data driven decisions
  • easy creation by drag & drop editor

Let's take a look at the features that set WPForms' survey addon apart.

Smart Survey Fields

Unlike other WordPress form plugins that create duplicate fields for surveys, WPForms (www.wpforms.com) integrates survey functionality into existing form fields.

This means that you don't need to release a specific field to create a survey, but you can turn any existing form on your site into a survey form.

Smart Survey Fields

The moment you enable the survey option, all form fields are converted into intelligent survey fields, which include: text field, drop-down field, radio buttons, checkboxes, rating field a new field, the Likert Scale. Likert scales, or matrix questions, are very important for surveys and next to NPS are one of the most widely used ways of using surveys for customer satisfaction.

Smart Survey Fields Likert Scale

Survey Report

As already mentioned, the WPForms addon (www.wpforms.com) differs from other alternatives for creating surveys with WordPress thanks to the reports, which include some functions, let's see them together,

The real-time insights feature automatically creates a report with the best views selected for each question type.

You have the possibility to change the type of display that best suits your needs.

Beautiful visual reports that you can customize

Retroactively enable older survey reports

You can also retroactively enable survey reports from previous modules by simply editing any existing module and enabling the "Survey Reports" option from the settings tab.

This way you no longer have to ask the same questions to your users, a unique solution in the industry that allows you to optimize the form and therefore conversions.

Retroactively enable survey reports on older modules

Real-time polling report

With WPForms' real-time polling report (www.wpforms.com), you can show the results to each user immediately after submitting the form.

You can embed your surveys in WordPress sidebar widgets, within a post, page, or any other area of your WordPress site.

Real-time polling report

Export/Share individual charts

In addition to being able to export the entire survey report, with WPForms you can export individual charts as PDFs or JPGs with a single click.

This should make it easy to use these charts in your presentations, blog posts, or social media posts.

Export/Share individual charts

Customizable print styles

In case you are working on a written proposal and need to print reports, WPForms (www.wpforms.com) provides print styles, so you can easily print your survey reports and customize your print report by selecting specific questions and graphic/display styles.

Customizable print styles

Conditional Logic

Conditional branching", "branching logic" or "skip logic" allows you to customize survey questions based on the user's previous response.

Powerful investigation logic

You can also randomly present the order of the items in the multiple choice/option button fields, so you can remove choice bias from the survey results, in Advanced Options by enabling the Randomize option.

Powerful investigation logic


WPForms (www.wpforms.com) also provides new form templates that you can use to quickly create a survey.

New Form Templates

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