The Events Calendar: Plugin to Create an Events Calendar and Reservations with WordPress

Add a calendar to your website in WordPress can be useful for keeping users up to date on your upcoming events, whether you're listing new events every day or just hosting occasional special events.

There are numerous ways to create an event calendar on WordPress - let's understand the important features.

WordPress Event Calendar Features

Calendar views

Some plugins for creating a calendar in WordPress come with a variety of views so you can view the calendar for the entire month or events in a list. Photo visualization is also available, which provides useful images for users to scan events and see what they are all about. If it's important to you to have the ability to choose from multiple views, make sure you find a calendar that includes this option.

SEO Features

Some plugins to create a calendar in WordPress offer customizable options to enhance the SEO or integrate with third-party SEO-specific plugins such as AIO SEO.

Loading Speed

If you want to include a lot of events in your calendar, you should consider the speed of the plugin to avoid users getting frustrated and leaving the site while they wait for the events to load. If you have a particularly busy calendar of events, keep this in mind so that your plugin, perhaps in conjunction with a special plugin like WPRocketfor speed up WordPress.

What is The Events Calendar

Developed by Modern Tribe, The Events Calendar ( is a plugin for creating and managing events on WordPress, which also has a free version and a Pro version for recurring events, visualization, premium support and other features.

The Events Calendar homepage

How to create your calendar

Getting started with The Events Calendar is easy. First, install and activate the plugin and you'll be redirected to the welcome screen.

The calendar is already installed, you can find it at To configure the options, click on Events " Settings. Here you can choose how many events to show per page, whether to display events between your blog posts, time zone settings, and more.

To add your first event, click on Events " Add New.

Enter a title and description, then scroll down to add the date and time.

The Events Calendar How to create your own calendar

After that, you can add the location details. The location will be saved and you can reuse it in the future.

The Events Calendar How to create your own calendar

You can also add the event site, cost and other details.

The Events Calendar How to create your own calendar

Click on Publish and your event will be published in the calendar.

You can view calendar events by month, day or in list form and the designs are all responsive. The calendar is also searchable by keyword or date and can be exported to iCalendar or Google Calendar.

Features of The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar Features

The Events Calendar plugin ( offers many features that make it developer-friendly and highly customizable. The plugin offers over 30 innovative features for basic users and a dozen additional advanced features for Pro subscribers.

Basic features include:

  • A widget for the list of upcoming events
  • View events by date
  • Event Taxonomies
  • Microformats to boost SEO
  • Google Calendar and ICalc export
  • WP REST API endpoint
  • Monthly calendar view with tips
  • Location and organizers saved
  • Partial model replacements for easier customization
  • Template tags, hooks and filters to encode the calendar
  • Library of code snippets on GitHub to get started
  • Extensive documentation

Should you decide to switch to Events Calendar Pro (, the possibilities are endless. The pro version gives you access to:

  • Recurring events: allows you to set events to recur daily, weekly, monthly, annually or only on certain dates. You can keep them recurring forever or set an end date.
  • Week viewDisplays calendar events by week.
  • Photo displayallows you to attract visitors' attention by displaying featured images of your events.
  • Location searchallows visitors to search for events by location.
  • Display mapshows events with their location on a specific point on the map.
  • View venue and organizer: shows relevant information about the organizer or venue and a list of upcoming events.
  • Advanced Widgets: View your calendar widgets, lists of upcoming events, countdowns, featured locations and more.
  • Additional fields: Create custom fields to include additional event information, such as age limits or artists.

Several additional plugins are also available to add even more advanced extra functionality:

  • Event tickets: collect RSVPs directly from your events.
  • Event Tickets Plus: Add Integration ecommerce and sell tickets for events using WooCommerce, Shopp, WP ecommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Community Events: allows users to add events from the front-end.
  • Community Tickets: integrates with the Event Tickets and Event Tickets Pro add-ons to allow visitors to create and sell tickets to events they submit to the calendar.
  • Filter bar: allows you to add search options and advanced filters to help users find the events they need.
  • Facebook Events: import public Facebook events directly into your WordPress site.
  • iCal importer: import events from any site that publishes an iCal feed and add them to your lists.
  • Eventbrite tickets: events are created on your WordPress site and in your account on and you can redirect visitors there to purchase tickets.

Benefits of The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar Benefits

Here is a list of Benefits of The Events Calendar:

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive
  • Great community and support in case of problems
  • Easy to configure
  • Advanced features
  • Easy to adapt to your website
  • Mobile friendly
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Import events

Opinions and reviews on The Events Calendar

Solid, stable, responsive and accessible from mobile devices, The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe contains all the tools SMEs need to organize successful events anytime, anywhere. Definitely worth a try.

Read comments and opinions from users here:


The Events Calendar Prices

The basic version of The Events Calendar can be downloaded for free at

The Pro version, on the other hand, is available in five price plans ( )

  • 1 site: $ 99
  • 3 sites: $149
  • 10 sites: $299
  • Multisite: $ 349
  • Unlimited: $ 750

The plugin Events Calendar Pro includes access to premium support forums, with a guaranteed response time of 24-48 hours on weekdays.

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