How to Track Open Rates and Click Rates in Email Marketing with WP Mail SMTP

In theemail marketing there are 3 main performance indicators to be monitored in order to understand the performance of one's own initiatives: the rate of delivery, the open rate, the click rate.

A newsletter or DEM, once sent by your email marketing software, must in fact:

  • arrive at the destination: deliverability, an often neglected metric, depends on numerous factors and determines the bounce rate as hard bounce and soft bounce.
  • be opened: the opening rate, although it is a metric sometimes subject to "false negatives", determines when an email is opened (and it is assumed how much it is read) and depends on the sender and the subject (as well as the pre header)
  • be clicked on: if there are one or more links in an email from you to your landing pagearticle or product page ecommerceIt is important to understand how many of those who opened the email also clicked on it.

Tracking delivery rate, open rate and click-through rate is possible if you use an ESP or professional email marketing software such as SendinBlue, GetResponse, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, Moosend, MailerLite, OmniSend, Dripbut also with solutions for WordPress such as WP Mail SMTP o MailPoet.

Let's see how to do just that with WP Mail SMTP, which has integrated this and other features in its recent update.

How to track open rates and clicks in email marketing with WPMailSMTP

It was launched WP Mail SMTP 2.9 ( This new version offers useful features that will help you monitor and manage your WordPress emails.

Do you want to know if emails on your site are being opened and clicked on? If you are a Customer Pro, you can track email opens and clicks

Track email opens and clicks

This is a particularly useful feature if:

  • send DEM or newsletters from WordPress;
  • you have a WooCommerce store and want to check that order emails are received;
  • You sell online courses and want to measure open rates on vital course notifications.
Track email opens and clicks

Resend WordPress emails

Another feature that is possible with the Pro version of WPMail SMTP is the ability to resend directly from the WordPress email registry.

Resend WordPress emails

If you notice that an important email has not been sent, you can click and resend it. WP Mail SMTP allows you to send it to the original recipient or edit the email if you want to forward it to a third party.

Resend WordPress emails

When this new option was added, a collective resend feature was also added, so you can easily resend multiple emails with one click.

Resend WordPress emails

Lo smart queueing system will automatically stagger the sending of emails. So your site won't slow down no matter how many emails you have to resend.

Save email attachments

When you enable this feature, each attachment is saved along with the original email.

Save email attachments

Worried about attachments taking up disk space? Don't worry. When you delete a log, the attachments are deleted with it.

And if you're archiving attachments, the new Resend feature will automatically resend those as well.

EML export

Users have appreciated the XLSX and CSV log export feature in the latest version. This version includes a brand new EML export function in Pro.

EML export

Now you can:

  • export individual emails as EML files and April in any email client;
  • bulk export multiple EML files into 1 ZIP.

Viewing emails in EML format gives you a real image of what has been sent. This is a useful feature for those who want to make sure their email templates look the way they want them to, or archive emails sent in a visual format.

Network Aggregated Email Log

You can now save time by uploading email logs from your sub sites to one location. Version 2.9 Pro adds a new aggregated email log for network administrators on multisite installations. You'll find the new drop-down menu on the email log page:

Network Aggregated Email Log

If you're a network administrator, you'll appreciate the ease with which you can access logs from the email log page on the main site.

Working with hundreds of sub sites? No problem! The drop-down menu is searchable so you can jump to any site's log file in moments.

This multisite update is active in version 2.9 Pro, and, if you wish, you can still let each site have its own individual settings page.

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