Unbounce: Landing Page Builder in the name of loading speed

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce (https://unbounce.com/) is one of the most popular landing page builderor software drag and drop allowing create landing pages without having to have knowledge of code and web graphics software or hire a web designer to create it.

Not only that: thanks to its high diffusion (according to the data reported, Unbounce counts 15,000 active customers), on ThemeForest are numerous ready-made graphic templates are available which can be modified and compatible.

As it happens for most of these systems, Unbounce is configured as a SAAS, Software as a Service, i.e. it does not require the download and installation of a software but everything happens on Unbounce's servers.

Recently Unbounce has enriched its proposal by positioning itself (in a marketing sense) not only as a builder for landing pages but as a tool to 360% for the Lead Generationwhich also allows you to create Pop Up and sticky bars.

Let's take a closer look at Unbounce's functionality in this video and in the following lines.

Landing Pages

They are Unbounce's core business: landing pages can be created with a drag and drop builder, which allows you to move blocks around at will.

Other features present in the builder include features such as:

  • responsive and mobile friendly;
  • presence of https;
  • Dynamic Text Replacement: functionality that allows you to match the copy of the advertisement of Google ADS to that of the page, by increasing relevance, Quality Score, conversion rates;
  • WordPress ready: thanks to a plugin, the landing page created with Unbounce can be integrated with your site created on CMS WordPress;
  • possibility of realising A/B Test of 2 versions of the landing page created.

A revamped builder with a focus on loading speed

The latest version of the Unbounce builder dedicates a lot of attention to loading times, an aspect that has an impact on UXconversion rates, but also on the performance of the landing page on Google ADS and on organic (although this type of software is not specifically suited to being a recipient of traffic SEO).

Here are some aspects that point in this direction:

  • AMP ready: a recent feature of Unbounce allows you to potentially increase conversions from mobile increasing even 85% loading times compared to non-AMP page;
  • the Builder supports SVG graphics and logos (vectors with extremely small file sizes);
  • Unbounce has its own Content Delivery Network (CDN) that enables accelerated loading from multiple geolocations;
  • a faster loading can only pass, also as far as Unbounce is concerned, from aimage optimization, minification of JavaScript, CSS and cache resources in accordance with Google PageSpeed Insights.

PopUp and Sticky Bar

As mentioned at the beginning, Unbounce also provides popups and sticky bars customizable in the same way as the landing page builder and can be activated in correspondence with different triggersfor example:

  • location;
  • url;
  • cookies;
  • display frequency;
  • specific periods.


Couldn't miss the integrationsIn addition to the classic compatibility with Google AnalyticsGoogle Tag Manager, Google ADS and Facebook Advertising (for conversion tracking and remarketing) and WordPress, Unbounce supports:

Reviews on Unbounce

Unbounce has numerous online reviews: at https://www.g2.com/products/unbounce/reviews Unbounce is rated 4.4/5 and at TrustPilot 3.7/5.

What alternatives to Unbounce?

The possible alternatives to Unbounce can be distinguished among the direct competitors in the field of SAAS (Software As a Service) for the construction of landing pages, where we find ClickFunnels, Instapage, Landingi, LeadPages, BuilderAll a landing page builder not in the form of SAAS but of a plugin of WordPress such as Elementor.

Unbounce: Plans and Prices

Unbounce's pricing is in line with other landing page builders in the industry such as ClickFunnels e Instapage.

Unbounce's cost proposal has 3 possible concessions:

  • the possibility of a free trial, with which you can try Unbounce 14 days for free;
  • all new accounts get access to a new account. customized configuration training and free support as part of their subscription;
  • the possibility of a discount 20% for the first 3 months in case of monthly billing and for the first 12 months in case of annual billing, as you can see here: https://unbounce.com/
Unbounce prices


Among the landing page builders Unbounce confirms itself as one of the most complete choices, thanks to the recent attention to loading times and other features such as Dynamic Text Replacement and PopUp function.

If you want to try Unbounce you have the possibility to take advantage of a discount 20% for the first 12 months at this link: https://unbounce.com/

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