Complete Guide to Selling Domains and Websites

The sale of domains and websites is one of the most profitable ways to earn online. In a way, domains and sites for sale can be seen as the "real estate" of the web and similarly their value varies depending on many factors that we will see.

I foreplay To understand for those who want to start with a buying and selling of internet domains or a website are:

  • such as make a price assessment of the domains;
  • where to sell a domain or website, perhaps through services such as the domain auctions.

Basically, earning money with domains is not something improvised and simple, but it can give great economic satisfaction, just think of successful deals such as, sold for 194,000 € in 2009 and sold for 300,000 €.

So let's get started. The first step is to understand when and based on what factors you estimate the price of a domain or website.

How to make an assessment of the value of domains and websites

Evaluating the value of a domain or a website is an estimate that takes into account many factors and can also be done with the help of online tools or the advice of an expert. Let's start with the latter.

How much is your domain worth? A broker can tell you

Using domain brokers is perhaps the most reliable way to get an accurate estimate of the value of your domain. There are two well-known solutions in this regard and they are more or less at the same cost.

The world's leading domain broker offers a domain evaluation service starting at €29, which is based on 10 factors and delivered within 3 working days: Click here to find out the value of your domain with domains evaluation (Namecase), is a domain broker founded by former Sedo Simone Ferracuti.

Just arrived in the field of buying and selling domains and backorder expired domains, is currently the service (in my opinion) best and most competitive price level.

Free online tools for domain evaluation

If you want a free evaluation of your domain, there are online softwares that determine the value of your domain, let's see them together.


Sedo, broker already seen for the consulting service, also provides a free evaluation of the value of a domain. All you need to do to get it is:

  1. Register for the site at
  2. Add your own domain in the section "My Sedo" / "Add Domains".
  3. Look in the "Price Suggestion" column for the domain evaluation by

Domain Appraisal Services: the best free services to calculate the value of a website and domain

There are numerous online tools and software such as that allow you to estimate the value of a website in a free and immediate way or an Internet domain.

However, these softwares produce a very different and not very objective estimate, based on parameters that are not indicative or relative to the US reference market.

Assess the value of a domain or website on the forums

A good compromise between the two previous solutions, allowing us to have a non-automatic but at the same time free evaluation of the value of a website or domain comes to us from forum online. In many forums in the field of web marketing and hosting there are sections dedicated to provide an estimate of the value of your site, which in addition to being free and made by individuals (and not robots) also allows us to test the ground on the interest that that domain or site generates among potential buyers.

The most popular sections related to site and domain evaluation are:

  • Social Media Marketing Forum

Factors that determine the value of a domain

If you want to figure out for yourself how much your domain can be worth, you need to know the factors that determine its price.

The first aspect to consider in the estimate of value is the domain itself: the already mentioned or are considered "premium domains", as they consist of a very precise keyword and an easily remembered extension.

Other aspects concerning the domain that may affect its rating are:

  • Any Page Rank of the domain itself: Page Rank, even if it is a less influential factor than it used to be in search engine positioning, remains an index of a popularity acquired through a certain number of incoming links (which we will see is another evaluation factor) from sites with Page Rank. In auctions of domains (such as those carried out on sites like domains with higher PR are often sold at a higher cost (especially if the PR is greater than 4)
  • Inbound links and the sites they link to: these factors are index of link popularity of the website, so they can be a good starting point for a website and possible sources of referral traffic on Google Analytics.
  • Page Authority and Domain Authority: are two factors coined by the software for SEO, which can be obtained by installing the Moz bar on your browser, which you can find at this address:
  • Traffic and visitsIf you are selling a complete site and not just a domain, traffic data extracted from Web Analytics software such as Google Analytics can significantly affect the price estimate of the site.
  • Earnings from Adsense and other affiliations: If the website you sell earns steady income from Google Adsense or affiliate systems, this can increase the website's listing among buyers.
  • Quantity of articles, graphics: Does the site have many quality articles? Premium graphics? These are aspects that can raise the price.

These are just some of the aspects to be taken into account when evaluating a website: don't forget that the last word is always given by a key element: the market. Would-be buyers will be the ones to evaluate how much your site or domain, beyond any kind of evaluation, is worth on the market.

At this point then it remains to figure out how to sell your domain or website.

Where to sell a domain or website

Through specific domain auctions you can showcase your domain and website to potential buyers and receive offers.

Domain auctions


We have already talked about the main site where you can auction your domain: offers this service with commissions from 10 to 20% on the sale.


On Namedrive you can buy and sell domains. It is also available, like Sedo, a service of domain parking to earn money with advertisements placed on your domain.

Go Daddy

Another similar service is provided by Go Daddy, the first U.S. hosting provider, which offers a domain auction service for €3.99 per year plus commissions called Go Daddy Auctions.

Made in Italy domain auctions

Remaining in Italy, I recommend the service offered by:



Also: the Forum Al Verde Marketplace and the Mr Webmaster Forum SiteMarket are two excellent platforms where you can sell your domain or complete website for free.

There is also space in special discussions on other forums, such as the Domain World Marketplace: auctions, selling and buying on the GT Forum.


In summary, selling a domain or website consists of 3 basic steps:

  1. figure out what your domain is worth;
  2. Understand what elements determine the cost of your website or domain;
  3. to know where to sell it.

And what experience do you have with this? Do you know of any other auction sites to sell on? Any additional criteria for determining the value of an internet domain? Let's talk about it in the comments.

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