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The first advanced video course on LinkedIn Ads to learn how to advertise with LinkedIn advertising, acquire profiled leads from companies in B2B, reduce contact acquisition costs.

LinkedIn Ads video course content

6 parts that make up the LinkedIn Ads Video Course.

MODULE 1: introduction to linkedin ads
Campaign Manager, Account and Campaign Group Overview. Best Practices and Mistakes to Avoid

15 million subscribers in Italy, of which 1/3 are decision makers, a wide range of marketing and advertising tools and unique B2B profiling options are just some of the strengths of LinkedIn Ads that we will see in this section, while also talking about 2 possible weaknesses: costs and technological backwardness. But is this really the case? So what are the basic conditions to use LinkedIn Ads as an advertising platform and the 3 preliminary steps to get off on the right foot? We talk about them in the first 4 videos.


In the following 5 videos we begin our journey of discovery of the Campaign Manager: we'll go into detail about the anatomy of an advertising account, with some tips and mistakes not to be made when creating an advertising account and the first Campaign Group.

MODULE 2: Structure of a campaign and objectives
3 Steps of a Campaign, Choosing a Title and the 6 Promotional Objectives

Let's get into the heart of the first phase of creating an ad campaign on LinkedIn Ads: we'll go through with some tips on choosing an effective title for your campaign and the 3 steps to complete. We will then make the acquaintance of the new Campaign Manager: introduced in 2019 and structured according to the traditional stages of the sales funnel, it is composed of a series of objectives that we are going to view one by one in detail, also going into detail about how it works.

Notoriety, Website Visits, Interest, Video Viewing, Conversions, Lead Generation are the 6 main promotional objectives of LinkedIn Ads: we will go into detail about each of them, going to see their purpose and distinctive features.

MODULE 3: Audiences, audiences and profiling options
LinkedIn Ads profiling options: Matched & Lookalike Audience, Audience Attributes

LinkedIn Ads targeting options are the spearhead of the platform: we'll start by talking about the location and language options and some tips and tricks to optimize the time in creating an Audience in LinkedIn Ads, such as Saved Audiences, Saving Audience Templates.

At this point we have 2 roads to follow: one leads us to the selection of a Matched Audience or a Lookalike Audience, 2 types of Audience similar to the Personalized and Similar Audiences of Facebook Advertising. The other leads us to the choice of dozens of audience attributes: it is here that the cutting edge of LinkedIn Ads emerges. We're going to take a detailed look at the 4 big attribute "families" and the 4 profiling sub-options, with some operational advice based on followed campaigns and some advanced audience choice strategies like Boolean AND and OR operators.

MODULE 4: The 9 ad formats
Ad Formats: Sponsored Content, Sponsored Messaging, Text Ad, Dynamic Ads

After choosing the most suitable profiling options to reach your potential customers, let's get to the heart of the advertising formats that make up the 4 main families of ad formats on LinkedIn Ads: Sponsored Content, which includes single image ads, carousels and video ads, Sponsored Messaging, with Message Ad and Conversation Ad, Text Ad and Dynamic Ads (Spotlight Ads). Distinctive features and use cases, potential and limits.

In this series of videos I'll guide you through each of the ad formats: we'll discover how to create an ad with the Single Image Ad, Form Format Ad (carousel), Video Ad, Message Format Ad, Conversation Ad, Text Ad and Spotlight Ad formats, seeing live features, potential, limitations, use cases, best practices and mistakes to avoid.

MODULE 5: Budgeting, Planning, Bidding
Budget, Offering Strategies, Optimization Goals, Placement

After choosing the objectives and the Audience profiling options, it is time to choose the Placement (i.e. whether or not to run our ads on Audience Network), but above all the budget, bidding strategies and campaign optimization objectives. In this phase we will go into detail about the minimum budget to allocate, the choice between daily and total budget, the 2 optimization goals and the 3 bidding strategies.

In this video series I will guide you through Placement (i.e. whether or not to run our ads on Audience Network), but most importantly budget, bidding strategies and campaign optimization goals. We'll talk, directly from the platform, about minimum budget, choosing between daily, total and daily and total budget, bidding strategies and optimization goals also depending on the different objectives, the 3 bidding strategies and Audience Network.

Module 6: Account Assets, Demographics, Campaign Performance
Insight Tag and Conversion Tracking, Audience and Modules, KPIs

The functionality of LinkedIn Ads doesn't end with campaign creation: in this section we review the sections contained in the Account Asset menu, including: Insights Tag, Conversions, Matched Audience, and Contact Acquisition Modules.

In addition, we'll take a close look at the Website Demographics section, which provides interesting information about the companies and professional profiles that have visited your landing page.

Once your campaign has started, impressions, clicks and conversions will grow over the next few days: LinkedIn Ads, in the menu item related to Campaign Yield allows us to analyze the various KPIs (performance indicators) of the campaign. Thanks to the analysis of real campaigns, we will see the Columns that LinkedIn Ads provides to evaluate the performance of a campaign, which ones to take into consideration according to the chosen promotional objective, what to expect in terms of CTR, CPC, quantity and cost per conversion.

Plus: LinkedIn Marketing Video Course

In addition to the LinkedIn Ads video course, you can also purchase videos from the LinkedIn Marketing course, an introduction to marketing on Linkedin along the 4 stages Build, Converse, Grow, Control.
The LinkedIn Marketing video course includes:


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