Multilingual WordPress: The Best 5 Plugins to Translate a WordPress Site

Those who have a site in WodPress may need to provide different language versions to visitors of different nationalities.

It is possible to make your site multilingual WordPress in a basically simple way with the implementation of special pluginfrom this point of view you can choose between paid plugins (premium and professional).

Regardless of which solution you plan to use, the first step is to make a translation of the texts of your site in the desired languages., web page translator

The cheapest and fastest way to do a site translation is to use a professional and economical web page translator such as Translated.netwhere you can translate your site into the desired languages thanks to 136,438 professional translators and 15 years of experience in the field.

To request a quote for translation you can fill out the form here :

Alternatively, some of the multilingual plugins for WordPress allow you to translate your site manually, automatically or by relying on a translator. Let's see them together.

Top 5 Multilingual WordPress Plugins

Perhaps the easiest way to create multilingual versions of our WordPress website is to implement a special plugin.


WPML ( is perhaps the most popular multilingual WordPress plugin. It allows you to create different language versions of your website, located, as you choose, in:

  • subfolders (e.g. for the English version);
  • subdomains;
  • different domains.

The default installation includes over 40 languages, manageable through a translation management screen.

WPML includes two packages: 

  1. the Multilingual blog package, suitable for those who want to translate their site for themselves;
  2. the package CMS multilingual, ideal for those who create websites for clients and that allows you to translate each site part, directly from the WordPress administration.


TranslatePress ( is another free multilingual translation plugin for WordPress, developed by Cozmoslabs. It provides a simple and effective way to fully translate a website, including themes and plugins, directly from the front-end.

The free version of TranslatePress offers limited translation capabilities. By upgrading to the Premium version you can translate your site without limits and get advanced features not available with the free version.

With a front-end translation interface, you can quickly translate your entire site by simply selecting the text you want to translate. Multilingual TranslatePress plugin produces translated content SEO-friendly with the appropriate SEO Pack Addon.

TranslatePress also includes integration of Google Translate e DeepL, which facilitates automatic translation. The interface resembles a WordPress Customizer.

Similar to WPML, TranslatePress allows you to add as many languages as you want with its premium add-ons. You can also display a dedicated language switcher on the right side of the screen, so users can switch between languages at their convenience.

With the Premium plan you can take advantage of the automatic detection of the user's language and redirect it to the appropriate language version based on its IP address.

TranslatePress allows you to operate on WooCommerce even in the free version, offers a good customer support service and various advanced add-ons for your site.

TranslatePress allows you to choose between three pricing plans:

  • Personal at €79 per year, ideal for bloggers or beginners;
  • Business at €139 per year, ideal for small and medium sized website owners;
  • Developer at £199 a year, perfect, as the name suggests, for developers.

Before purchasing, you can review TranslatePress features and add-ons with the demo at


While WPML and TranslatePress are quite similar in their approach to translation, Weglot ( is a translation plugin for WordPress that works differently.

With WPML you have to manually create your translations from scratch. Weglot takes the opposite approach. As soon as you configure Weglot, the program automatically translates your site using machine translation. So, from day one, you have a fully translated website. But, because machine translation isn't perfect, Weglot gives you the option to:

  • edit translations manually;
  • delegate the translation work to professional translators.

The key aspects that differentiate Weglot, the localization solution used by over 50,000 websites, including Microsoft, Spotify, Steve Madden, Murad and Volcom, are:

  • focus on both machine translation and manual translation, which you can order through Weglot's dashboard;
  • External cloud interface to manage translations, instead of doing everything from the WordPress dashboard.

Compatible with any CMS, including Shopify, Webflow, Weglot integrates in minutes.

Weglot combines machine translation, post-editing and professional translation to offer users quality translation, without high costs.

With an intuitive translation management dashboard that allows users to translate text, SEO metadata, and media files in a single solution, Weglot simplifies the workflow management of a large translation project.

Weglot also handles multilingual SEO by managing language-specific subdomains/subdirectories, automatically added hreflang tags, and translated metadata.

With Weglot's free plan, you can translate up to 2000 words. After that, you need to choose a paid plan. You can choose from five solutions:

  • Starter for € 9.90 per month;
  • Business at €19 per month;
  • Pro for € 49 per month;
  • Enterprise at € 199 per month;
  • Corporate at € 499 per month.

The cost of each plan basically depends on the amount of words you need to translate, and the number of languages you want to translate your site content into. You can make a 10-day free trial:


Polylang is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create a multilingual version of your site.

Translations, automatic or professional, are provided by the additional plugin Lingotek Translation (

The plugin allows you to create multilingual versions of posts, pages, media, categories, tags, menus, widgets and is equipped with a switcher in the form of widgets or navigation that allows you to change the language version of the site.


Qtranslate is another free multilingual plugin for WordPress.

It allows you to switch between different languages with one click and is equipped with a human and professional translation service thanks to qTranslate Services.

It allows customization of languages without the need to edit the .mo-files, which are downloaded automatically.

The different language versions can be represented with the url lang=en, with the subfolder (/en/) or subdomain such as

Other free plugins you can use to translate your website are:

  • Xili Language:
  • Transposh:
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