WPRocket: WordPress Cache Plugin Features, Reviews and Prices

What is WP Rocket

WP Rocket (www.wp-rocket.me) is a plugin WordPress caching which allows you to optimize the performance of your site on both desktop and mobile and improve the loading speed of pages and images.

The plugin is very easy to install and configure. It only takes three minutes to be able to start using it properly on your WordPress blog or website. WP Rocket integrates several features that allow you to improve the performance of your site, including:

  • delayed loading JavaScript code and images;
  • minification of the site code HTML;
  • minification by JavaScript and CSS.

One of the main advantages of WP Rocket is that you can configure its settings easily, even if you are a beginner in the field. Unlike other plugins, therefore, you don't need in-depth knowledge in the field of development.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket features

The WP Rocket plugin (www.wp-rocket.me) is designed, as already mentioned, to improve site performance and speed up page loading.

Using the WP Rocket plugin you will access various features (https://wp-rocket.me/it/caratteristiche/), the main ones are:

  • Quick Setup: The configuration of the plugin is very simple and does not require specific technical skills.
  • WP Rocket Cache WordPress: WP Rocket allows you to immediately activate a page cache to speed up loading times, an important factor in improving your organic ranking SEO and increase conversions.
  • Cache preloading: the robot is able to simulate a visit, in order to preload the cache, in this way it is possible to improve loading times.
  • Preloading Sitemap: automatically identifies XML sitemaps from Jetpack, Yoast SEO e All in One Seo, and preload all elements and urls of your sitemap.
  • GZIP compression: the work of the browser is improved through rendering and bandwidth optimization.
  • Browser Cache: Thanks to the browser cache, static CSS, JS and image content is stored within the browser, so when the user changes pages, the static content does not have to be reloaded again.
  • Database optimization: allows you to keep your database clean by removing unnecessary parts and reducing the size, thus improving the performance of your site. In addition, you can schedule regular cleanups to keep your site running smoothly.
  • Google Fonts Optimization: By optimizing Google Fonts you can manage http requests and you can get a faster site as a result.
  • Remove query strings from static resources: By removing query strings from JS and CSS files you can improve the speed of your website. Also, you maintain cache busting by encoding the version number within the url.
  • Lazy Load: with this feature images are loaded only when the user scrolls the site and this improves the loading of the page.
  • Minification: reduces the weight of CSS, JavaScript and html files. With lighter files you will be able to get faster loading.
  • Deferred JS loading: Javascript files being loaded only at the end of the page.
  • Compatibility with CloudFlare: WP Rocket integrates with CloudFlare quickly and easily.
  • CDN: even while reducing the latency of http requests, the plugin allows you to still use CDN services smoothly.
  • DNS preloading: this feature allows you to reduce the time for DSN resolutions of external domains.
  • Mobile device recognition: also designed for mobile devices, with a one-click option.
  • Multisite compatibility: also designed for multisites with subfolders and subdomains.
  • eCommerce Friendly: if you are using ecommerce like Woocommerce, Easy Digital, Jigoshop, iThemes Exchange or WP Shop, you can safely use WP Rocket and it will help you automatically exclude the caches of the checkout and cart pages.
  • Multilingual compatibility: Also compatible with multilingual plugins such as: WPML, Polylang and qTranslate.
  • Connected users: even users connected to the site can take advantage of WP Rocket's functionalities with a simple click.
  • Import / Export: you can quickly import your favorite settings.
  • Developer Friendly: WP Rocket's code is finally developed in accordance with good WordPress standards, its code is clean and contains several hooks so if you deal with web development you can customize it in an advanced way.

Specifically, WP Rocket offers the following features.

Cached pages

WP Rocket Cached Pages

Google and other search engines love fast websites. When the loading time of your pages increases, your readers abandon you: it's no coincidence that statistics confirm that as loading times increase, so does the Bounce Rate, with a consequent reduction in the conversion rate.

WP Rocket (www.wp-rocket.me) caches your pages by creating static HTML files and making them easily available to future visitors. It also applies browser caching, asking the browser to store commonly used but rarely updated files in its local cache memory.

Lighter files

WP Rocket Lighter files

An optimal loading time also depends on the amount of files uploaded to your website. With WP Rocket (www.wp-rocket.me) you can minimize and combine the CSS and JS files of your site, making them faster and lighter and reducing the size of the page.

You can optimize CSS delivery and deferred JS loading to eliminate resources that block rendering and improve load time. Also, delaying the loading of JavaScript files until user interaction will reduce the initial load time. No need to touch the code - it's all done with one click.

Media files loaded only when necessary

WP Rocket Media files loaded only when necessary

WP Rocket (www.wp-rocket.me) includes an intelligent set of options to change the display of images and iframes on your site. With LazyLoad, you can delay loading images or iframes, leaving them "off-screen" until users need them.

Slow loading is a brilliant way to optimize both perceived and actual performance. It also saves users bandwidth because they won't have to download all your images. If your site uses WebP images, WP Rocket can also create a separate cache file to serve them if needed.

Faster cache version

WP Rocket Faster cache version

Cache preloading ensures that your visitors get the fastest, cached versions of your site right away. WP Rocket (www.wp-rocket.me) creates cached versions of your content immediately after activation.

You can preload your content manually or let WP Rocket do it automatically. Preloading will happen after WP Rocket clears the cache of posts and pages on your site.

In addition, the site map-based cache preloading option automatically detects and preloads site maps generated by popular WordPress SEO plugins.

Ordered database

WP Rocket Database sorted

A clean database works more efficiently and also helps speed up your site. WP Rocket (www.wp-rocket.me) provides a dedicated set of options to optimize your database and keep it lean.

You can clean up comments, posts and transients, optimize your database tables or schedule automatic cleanups - all in two clicks.

Reduced latency and improved availability

WP Rocket Reducing latency and improving availability

When your site speaks to a large international audience, a CDN is key to improving your website's load time for visitors who are far from where your server is located.

If you are already using a CDN, you can integrate it in the WP Rocket dashboard (www.wp-rocket.me) in a few clicks. Alternatively, you can use RocketCDN, WP Rocket's custom CDN. Forget about configuration hassles: configuration is automatic to give you the best results in terms of speed.

Functionality enhancement

WP Rocket Functionality Enhancement

WP Rocket Add-ons (www.wp-rocket.me) are a set of features that extend the available options in just a few steps:

  • Google Monitoring;
  • Facebook Pixel;
  • Varnish Cache;
  • Integration with Cloudflare;
  • Sucuri Integration.

Alternatives to WPRocket

WP Rocket (www.wp-rocket.me) is a plugin that offers countless features, but it's not the only one that can help you make your site faster and perform better. You can also choose other plugin as an alternative to WP Rocket. We outline the main alternatives below.

WP Fastest Cache

The WP Fastest Cache plugin Is designed for cache management and allows you to make your site faster. The plugin is able to create static html files from the dynamic WordPress blog and while viewing a page it allows you to reduce the RAM and CPU usage time, thus making the site faster.

WP Fastest Cache allows you to access its basic functions for free by downloading the plugin from the official website or directly from the WordPress platform. If you want to install instead its more advanced features for a fee WP Fastest Cache Premium is available at a cost of 39.99 $ per year.

Hyper cache

Hyper Cache is a caching plugin written specifically to be able to improve the speed for WordPress. It can also be used in hosting with limited resources or on high-end servers. Hyper Cache is realized entirely in PHP language and works on all blogs and sites. The plugin does not require a very complex configuration, and if you decide to disable it no obsolete settings are released in the background.

Among the main Hyper Cache functionality there are:

  • a double cache for mobile devices;
  • an https ready;
  • an option that allows you to change the theme on mobile, manages page compression, allows you to bypass matching cookies, urls and agents, performs automatic cleanup for check the disk space used by the cache.

W3 Total Cache

Finally, there is W3 Total Cache which allows you to improve the user experience on the site by improving performance by reducing loading times, through various features such as network integration to better distribute content and display it.

W3 Total Cache Its main features include:

  • optimization for mobile;
  • improved overall performance;
  • improving site performance;
  • enhancement of snapshot pages;
  • storage in the browser cache and optimized progressive rendering;
  • html minimization and compression, feeds, Javascript and CSS.

How to use WP Rocket

All browsers benefit from the optimizations made by WP Rocket. L'installation of WP Rocket is simple: after purchasing a license on the official website www.wp-rocket.meWP Rocket is installed like a normal WordPress plugin, from the Plugins section or via FTP. Once activated, WP Rocket already activates basic optimizations to make your site faster and more performant.

WP Rocket not working? If you have problems with WP Rocket settings, technical support can provide answers to your questions.


WP Rocket is compatible with the most popular themes and pluginsas indicated on page https://wp-rocket.me/it/compatibilities/. It is the only caching plugin accepted by the best managed WordPress hosting.

Opinions about WPRocket

With over 170,000 satisfied customers, WP Rocket is a highly regarded plugin recommended by top WordPress professionals, as stated on the website https://wp-rocket.me/it/testimonial/, where testimonials and opinions are also given.

WP Rocket can boast a Happiness Score of 92% based on over 2000 customer reviews. The opinions of those who use WP Rocket are positive, with users saying they are especially satisfied with:

  • installation speed;
  • price in line with the features offered;
  • valid support;
  • continuous plugin updates.

The WP Rocket plugin creates a cache of pages as soon as you choose to install and activate it, so they will load faster. This feature is very appreciated by users who don't have particular technical skills because it allows you to improve the speed of your site and consequently the organic ranking, user experience and conversion rates.

In addition, compression GZip, eTags and Expire Headers is done automatically by the plugin. These three functions are very important for those who do not have technical knowledge, and can be implemented like this, without having to write any string of code.

Prices of WPRocket

WP Rocket prices

There are three subscription plans to choose from, as you can see above (https://wp-rocket.me/it/offerte/):

  • Singlefor €35 instead of €44, with one year of support and updates;
  • Plusfor €70 instead of €88 for three websites with one year of support and other updates;
  • Infinitefor €177 instead of €222 for unlimited sites, with one year of support and updates.

Although WP Rocket isn't free, the price of £35 per year is pretty cheap when you consider its ease of use and the number of features it has to offer. If you need to use it for up to three sites, you can get a three-site license for £70 per year, or if you're a developer or web designer or own dozens of other WordPress sites, you can even get an infinite license for £177 per year. The Infinite license allows you to use WP Rocket on as many websites as you own without limitations.

Keep in mind that a fast website greatly benefits your business. Therefore, the amount of traffic and sales/leads you will get by making your site faster and optimized through WP Rocket is worth the price.

Even if your license expires, you can still use the plugin. The functionality will continue to be active, but you won't have access to future support and updates.

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