WPML: Features, Opinions and Prices of the #1 Multilingual Plugin for WordPress

What is WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML)

WordPress is the perfect platform to create multilingual sites that are more accessible to international users. All you need to do is activate a suitable translation WordPress plugin and select the content you want to translate.

There are dozens of free and premium translation solutions available for WordPress users. However, since its launch in 2007, WordPress Multilingual Plugin WPML (https://wpml.org/it/) is the solution recommended by most WordPress experts.

This is a multilingual plugin which allows you to translate WordPress posts, pages, tags, categories, menus and themes, in order to get visits from abroad and extend your user base. There are 40 language options available in this plugin.

WPML adopts a less automated approach to translation than other software. Let's delve deeper and see specifically how WPML works.

WPML homepage

Features of WPML Multilingual WordPress Plugin

Installing WordPress

WPML WordPress Installation

WPML (https://wpml.org/it/features/) simplifies the execution of a multilingual website with a single installation of WordPress. The intuitive interface allows you to easily translate your content.

Choose the languages for your site and start translating content. WPML comes with over 40 languages. With the WPML language editor you can also add language variants, such as Canadian French or Mexican Spanish.

You can place content in different languages in the same domain (in language directories), in subdomains, or in completely different domains.

Translation management

WPML translation management

Submit your content for translation using the translation dashboard. Review status and information on all translation jobs.

WPML comes with state-of-the-art translation management. You can turn regular WordPress users into translators. Translators can only access specific translation jobs that Translation Managers assign to them. Alternatively, you can connect WPML's powerful translation management with a translation service of your choice.

Multilingual ecommerce

WPML Multilingual E-commerce

Easily translate your WooCommerce products. WPML allows you to easily create and run sites of ecommerce multilingual with WooCommerce (using WooCommerce Multilingual). It has full support for simple and variable products, related products, sales and promotions, and everything else WooCommerce offers.

Manage a site of ecommerce Multilingual with WPML is relatively simple. WPML shows you which texts need to be translated and creates the complete translated store for you.

Visitors will enjoy a fully localized shopping process, starting with the product listing, through the shopping cart and checkout, and even localized confirmation emails.

Translation of theme and plugin texts

WPML Text Translation for Themes and Plugins

WPML frees you from the hassle of editing PO files and loading MO files. You can translate text in other plugins and administration screens directly from the String Translation interface.

You'll see where the texts come from both in the code and on the site and translate directly from the WordPress admin panel.

Professional translations at affordable prices

WPML Professional translations at affordable prices

If you need help with translation, WPML puts you in touch with leading translation services. Conveniently submit content for translation directly from WPML's translation dashboard. When translations are completed, they are displayed back on your site, ready for publication.

Works with most WordPress themes

You don't need to do anything special to create multilingual ready themes. Just use the API features of WordPress and WPML will take care of the rest. Almost every theme or plugin you can find works this way and WPML works effortlessly without any problems.

How to use WPML

WPML works with the WordPress versions 3.0 and above, and it works perfectly with both single-site and multi-site installations.

Configuring WPML is possible after installing the plugin on WordPress. There is a WPML guide for configuration which you can find within the plugin files. The plugin guide even by downloading WPML not all of the guide actually is made in Italian.

Configuring this multilingual plugin is not a complex operation. Entering in the settings you'll first have to set the original language of your blog or ecommerce, that is the language in which it is written.

After choosing the source language you have to continue with the configuration and choose the languages in which you want to translate your website, surely you will opt for English and other languages from where most of your international traffic comes from.

After selecting the languages, the Plugin will be able to proceed with the translation. Afterwards, you can manage the WPML settings so you can choose the order of the chosen languages, you can also choose what to translate by marking:

  • menu translation;
  • string translation;
  • translation widget.

These items will only be available if you have purchased one of the last two Plugin options. The basic version cannot translate every object.

Moreover, among the advanced settings of the plugin you can also manage choose the language options in the drop-down menu, the translation of the buttons and you can preview your translated blog with a window on the right.

Once you have made all the choices, all you have to do is save and you will have your site fully translated.

WPML Multilingual CSM or other Plugins?

Saving money on the translation of your website, blog or ecommerce may not bring the same benefits or advantages in terms of both visits and sales. Using one of the many free plugins can be counterproductive.

Qtranslate, for example, being free does not offer all the settings of WPML, and the quality of translations is objectively inferior to that of WPML.

Opinions about WPML

With buyers in over 100 countries, WPML is one of the most widely used language translation plugins. So far about 0.4 million websites have installed this plugin.

The G2.com website (https://www.g2.com/products/wpml/reviews) has opinions and testimonials from users who have already used it.

Prices of WPML

WPML prices

WPML is a paid plugin that offers three plans with different prices (https://wpml.org/it/purchase/). You can choose from:

  • Multilingual Blog, the most economical solution for multilingual WordPress blogs. The cost of the license is $29 and comes with one year of support and updates. Future renewals are charged at $21 per year.
  • Multilingual CMS, the complete solution for multilingual WordPress. The cost of the license is $79.
  • Multilingual Agency, the complete solution for agencies creating many multilingual websites. The cost of the license is $159.

If you run a blog and want to translate it, Multilingual Blog is the best solution. If, on the other hand, you need to create websites for your clients, you should opt for Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency. Both packages include all the components of WPML and will allow you to translate every aspect of the site.

With the 30 day money back guarantee you can try WPML in trial and proceed to a refund if it doesn't work for you: https://wpml.org/it/purchase/

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