Zapier: What it is, How it works, Prices and Alternatives of the #1 Marketing Automation Tool

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What is Zapier 

Zapier ( is the instrument of marketing automation most popular and well-known in the world, which allows (web) marketers and developers to connect different softwares together, thus creating workflows that allow an automation of certain business processes and an optimization of the time spent on repetitive activities, all in a visual way without intervening on the code.

Let's take a look at Zapier's features in detail.

Zapier homepage

How Zapier works 


Zapier Zaps

The Zaps ( are the starting point of Zapier: they are automated workflows that connect selected APPs and software. Each Zap is triggered by a certain condition followed by one or more action steps. Everything starts from a trigger event, which every time it is triggered starts the following steps.

As an example, a typical Zap is: every time a person fills out the Elementor in a Landing Page, thanks to a Zap is automatically added to a list of your Email Marketing Softwaresuch as SendInBluefrom which you can follow up with an automation, i.e. a succession of emails (the latter created within the email marketing software).

There are two ways to create Zap: with a pre-built Zap template or from scratch.


Zapier Filters

The function Filters ( allows you to apply specific rules to each workflow that will perform automation only when a specific type of data is received. Filters work with operators such as IF, AND, OR.


Zapier Formatter

Depending on the platforms you're trying to automate, they often handle and process data differently within each platform. Zapier allows you to format this data to ensure it is processed accurately between each platform in the required format (

In fact, the data is not always in the required format: it could be that a date in international format is not good for your app that has a different format.

Once you've received your data in Zapier, you can select from a large number of formats to transform your data, including grammatical, numeric and other styles, before transferring it to the second app ensuring data accuracy every time.


Zapier Webhooks

For more complex data processing, Zapier also offers the possibility of creating automations using Webhooks which allow you to receive data from any service and send data to a specific URL without the need for hand-written code (

Technically, WebHooks (which you can also find in Elementor) are automated messages sent by apps when something happens. They have a message, or payload, and are sent to a unique URL.

Conditional Logic with Paths

Zapier Custom Login - Paths

The Paths ( allow you to create different paths for automations based on the data received, giving you the ability to create multiple streams within the same workflow.

Paths allow your apps to perform different actions based on the conditions you choose. They are based on IF/THEN logic: if condition "A" occurs in the first app, then this happens, if "B" occurs, something else will happen. Basically, paths allow you to route data from one app to multiple scenarios by adding rules.


The Auto Replay feature allows you to automatically repeat a task five times if a stream fails, for example, due to a connection timeout or an error in the received data.

In case Zapier fails, you will receive an email notifying you of the problem so you can troubleshoot and fix it manually.

Team collaboration

Zapier Teamwork

Zapier allows you to collaborate easily ( providing you with unlimited accounts for team members, the ability to restrict access to certain folders and account features, and the ability to share workflows with team members as required.


Zapier Security

Zapier offers a range of functions company-wide security (, including user provisioning, app restriction, SAML single sign-on, custom data retention and more, ensuring your data is safe regardless of your company's industry, location or team size.


Zapier additions

Zapier offers integrations for over 3000 apps (, allowing you to link them together to automate tasks and save up to 20 hours per week. Depending on the plan you choose, some APPs are linkable or not. Here's an overview:

Email Marketing

MailerLite, SendinBlue, Constant Contact, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Drip, ConvertKit, Active Campaign

Sales and CRM

Pipedrive, Keap

Forms and Lead Gen Forms

Facebook Lead Ads, LinkedIn. Lead Gen Forms, Extension Google Ads Lead Form, Gravity Forms, WPForms

Analytics and CRO

Google Analytics, Hotjar

Inbound Marketing & Funnels

Hubspot,, ClickFunnels

Opinions and reviews on Zapier 

Founded in 2011, Zapier helps more than four million customers with their marketing automation activities.

In the Customers section of Zapier you can read opinions and reviews about the service:

Alternatives to Zapier

As much as it may consider itself the market leader in app linking, Zapier is not without its limitations, including

  • The price per activity can become prohibitive if you need many activities
  • Zapier does not allow much variability within Zap
  • Poor error reporting
  • Sometimes difficult to work with JSON input

Therefore, alternatives have arisen, often cheaper, let's see them together.


Integromat is one of the main alternatives to Zapier. Among the features of Integromat we can mention the visual editor, the merging of code elements such as HTTP/SOAP and JSON and a full free plan.

With more than 30,000 users worldwide, is another viable alternative to Zapier. Unlike Zapier, the platform has a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to schedule complex workflows across multiple apps and is available for all plans, including the free plan.

Always from a functionality/price point of view, allows you to process 2,000 shares at $ 19 per month versus Zapier's €41.07 per month.


IFTTT (literally "if this then that") is an automation tool that connects apps into workflows, which IFTTT calls "applets". Unlike Zapier and from Integromat and, IFTTT;

  • is less of a business marketing tool and more useful for linking APPs in home automation and technology;
  • Also, technically it's an APP, it doesn't have a desktop version.

Prices of Zapier

Zapier pricing varies based on the functionality you require and the number of tasks you wish to automate (

Free plan

Zapier has a free plan that starts at $ 0 per month which however provides a limitation to only 100 activities per month and 5 Zap.

Zapier prices

The paid plans are:

  • Starter, at €16.76 per month, with 750 tasks and 20 Zaps;
  • Professional, from 2000 tasks per month to €41.07 per month;
  • Team, from 50,000 tasks per month To 250,623 € per month;
  • Company, with 100,000 tasks per month at €502.11 per month.

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. If you choose to upgrade, you will pay a prorated amount for the remainder of the month. If you choose to downgrade, you will be credited the following month's bill.

Zapier offers a 14-day free trial for new accounts.

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