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How to Create Landing Pages and Lead ADS for Lead Generation with Facebook: A Complete Guide

Social medias as Facebook, Twitter, SlideShare or Youtube are often used on web marketing as tools to generate goals as brand awareness or encouraging the engagement on certain contents.

But what if I tell you that it’s possible to do lead generation using social medias, Facebook in particular? I’m not talking about vague strategies that may indirectly generate leads, as potential clients contacts, I’m talking about concrete tools that you can implement inside a social network to gain potential clients contact, as name, email, telephone number.

How? Let’s start discovering how from the king of social networks, Facebook.

1+2 methods to do lead generation on Facebook

To do lead generation on Facebook you can basically follow 2 ways: going out from Facebook or staying in it.

Out of Facebook

If you want  to do lead generation out from Facebook you have to create a landing page outside Facebook, making the traffic flow into a Facebook Advertising campaign;

Inside Facebook

If you want to gain potential clients contacts without going out from Facebook, you have two possibilities:

  • You can create a landing page inside the same Facebook Page on a TAB;
  • You can to do lead generation without going out from Facebook with the goal of Lead Ads/Gaining Contacts in Power Editor.

Let’s see together these three methods, starting from the first one.

How to do lead generation “Outside Facebook”

It’s the most classic method to obtain contacts with the help of Facebook.

In this case you’ll need three things:

  • A landing page or a squeeze page hosted on your website: in this case you can make a landing page or use other landing pages creating services as LeadPages or Unbounce;
  • A Facebook Advertising campaign: to spread the targeted traffic to your landing page you can use goals as “Increase conversions on your website” o “Get people to claim your offer“;
  • A lead magnet: if you want to obtain contacts as email addresses, for instance to build a newsletter, you need a commodity, a lead magnet indeed, that can be a formative content or a coupon (as in the ecommerce case).


How to do lead generation “inside” Facebook

As we said before, obtaining contact datas of potential clients inside Facebook, demand different tools and strategies compared to when we spread visitors outside Facebook, towards an external website.

In particular, as we have to stay inside Facebook, I will need a Landing Page that’s in the Facebook Page itself, that, as we’ll see, we can easily create adding a customized TAB to our fan page.

It is possible to do lead generation even without a landing page, with the Facebook Advertising goal called Lead ADS.

But let’s proceed with order and let’s try to understand 4 ways to create a landing page inside Facebook.

4 Tools to create a landing page to do lead generation on Facebook

As we’ve already seen, to do lead generation using Facebook we need a landing page, to make our visitors “land”, visitors that could come from a Facebook Advertising campaign or be fan of the page.

To create a landing page inside our Facebook Page you can use some tools that we’re about to see.

Let’s start from the first one, Pagemodo.

#1: How to create a customized tab on Facebook using Pagemodo


Pagemodo allows you to create a customized tab on you Facebook Page, where you can insert a landing page of your choice. It’s free up to a single Facebook Page: if you want to use it for more pages, the prices are cheap.

Once inside, it’s just enough to choose “Custom Tab”:


Pagemodo.com custom tab

At this point Pagemodo gives you the chance to choose between different templates, some made for the contact data collection, as the ones you see here:

Pagemodo facebook tab

#2: How to to do lead generation on Facebook, assimilating from Mail Chimp in 3 steps:

If you don’t want to use Pagemodo and you usually collect your email contacts, for instance the subscribers to your newsletter, using Mail Chimp, you can easily assimilate the newsletter software in your Facebook Page, creating a tab that includes a contact form. Let’s see how to do it.

Firstly you must have a premium account on Mail Chimp, otherwise you can’t use this function.

Once you logged in, go to Account / Integrations:


Integrations Panel MailChimp Facebook

At this point choose “Facebook” in the integrations list and fill in this way the fields that are requested:

  • In the field “page to Use” you must insert the Facebook Page that will be integrated with the contact form tab;
  • In the field “list to use” is enough to insert the email contact list in Mail Chimp, where the email of the user that registers on the tab will go;
  • In “use signup form tab” you have to click the “yes” box in order to create a tab on your Facebook Page;
  • In “tab label” you have to insert the call to action of your tab.

Here’s how to do it:

Integrations Panel MailChimp facebook 2

And here’s how it will appear inside your Facebook Page: as you see Mail Chimp has created an added tab, that you can customize by integrating a call to action, “Receive 4 free web marketing videos” in this case

Web Marketing Academy tab mail chimp

If I click inside the tab, here’s the contact form that I created thanks to Mail Chimp:
Web Marketing Academy tab mail chimp 2

#3: Creating a landing page on Facebook using Static HTML: iframe tabs

Static HTML iframe tabs su Facebook


A third option to create a landing page inside our Facebook Page in order to collect some contact data, is using an app, Static HTML: iframe tabs, that allows you to add a tab using an HTML code of your choice, that you’ll insert.

Once chosen the page on which you’ll create your additional tab, where you’ll add the landing page, it will be enough to add the HTML code of your choice:


Thunderpenny Static HTML tab facebook

#4: How to create a landing page on Facebook using LeadPages

The fourth method to create a landing page on Facebook that we’re about to see, is all about LeadPages.

If you don’t know it yet, LeadPages is one of the best services to create landing pages and lets you create one inside your Facebook Page, as in the following example:

landing page Facebook tab LeadPages™

Recap: we saw 4 possible ways to create a landing page on Facebook: any way you choose, an additional tab on your Facebook page will always be created.

Once you created it, I suggest you to use the cover photo to focus the attention on the tab you just created, for example pointing out the section using an arrow or something indicating it, as Wishpond does on your Facebook Page:

 call to action facebook tab wishpond

How to do lead generation on Facebook using Lead ADS

As we said before, to do lead generation without going out from Facebook, you can also use a new Facebook Advertising function, that you can only use just from the Power Editor: Lead Ads.

Lead ads are a specifically created goal in Facebook Advertising to obtain potential clients contacts.

Whether your goal is to encourage people in subscribing to a newsletter, to an offer or an event or updates on your product, the Lead Ads allows you to simplify the subscribing process of the visitor, letting you acquire contact datas in the most easy, direct and effective way compared to the other Lead Generation ways on Facebook.


As you’ll see, Lead ADS seem a classic sponsored ad from Facebook Advertising, with other prefilled fields, like name, surname and email address.

As this prefilled fields could be modified from the user, this leads to important advantages to the potential clients contacts acquisition, let’s see which ones.

6 advantages of lead ads on Facebook

Advantage #1: You don’t have to go out from Facebook

We already saw how you can do lead generation using Facebook, for instance, through Facebook Advertising, to bring visitors to an internal or external landing page.

Here is the first advantage of lead ads: the user does not go out from Facebook.

And, as you know, the less the steps to do, the more the conversion is.

Advantage #2: Fields are Pre-Filled

When a user has to fill a contact form, the more fields he has to fill, the less probability he has to go till the end.

According to a statistic from Ascend2, that we already deeply analyzed  in the article called 10 Strategies (+3 tools) to improve your contact form (and gain more clients):

numero campi mail Ascend2 Email List Growth Survey Summary Report

In this case Lead ADS, by having their fields pre-filled, allow the user to do less steps, so he will easily arrive to conversion.

Advantage #3: There is no landing page

The third advantage is not having any landing page.

How? We said that the landing page helps with the user’s conversion. Yes, if it’s good, but what if it is a bad landing page? If it’s not exactly responsive?

With Lead ADS the problem is solved, the user never goes out from Facebook to go to an external landing page, but stays inside the social network.

Advantage #4: 2 steps to obtain the user’s contact

As we saw before, lead ads allow to automatically insert certain contact information which are shared from Facebook users.

This makes possible the filling of the contact form in 2 easy steps:

  •  Opening the ad;
  •  Sending the automatically filled contact form.

One more time, less steps, more conversions.

Advantage #5: You have the chance to customize through questions

Even if they don’t use a landing page, lead ads are not firm, but give the possibility to customize all the forms with open questions or multiple ones, as we’re about to see.

Advantage #6: You can integrate them with CRM and marketing platforms

Contact datas collected by lead ads can be integrated through using Eloqua, Driftrock, Marketo, Maropost, Sailthru e Salesforce, softwares that can be integrated with Mail Chimp or other email marketing softwares.

This way an immediate and personalized answers can be given to the user that subscribes.

Alternatively, you can download the gained information on potential clients manually by collecting them in a CSV file and integrating them to an autoresponder

Ok, we saw 6 reasons why you should think about using lead ads for your lead generation initiative.

But how does this tool work? Let’s see it.

How to use the lead ads or Lead ADS on Facebook

To use this function you can:

  • Enter in the ads manager and clicking on Power Editor:

 Gestione inserzioni power editor

At this point, when you’ll create a new campaign, you could choose the Lead Ads goal:

Power Editor acquisizione di contatti lead ads

At this point you’ll have to choose the ad addressee, creating a new audience or choosing a custom audience previously saved.

If it’s the first time you choose Lead Ads as goal on Facebook Advertising, you have to create a contact gaining form, that lets you choose:

  • If you’ll obtain just the email and the name and surname of your contact;
  • If adding to this datas, a number up to 3 questions.

Power Editor modulo acquisizione contatti lead ads facebook ads

The 3 questions you can ask to the user, may be customized, you decide what to write or you can base them on a topic list that Facebook suggests you inside specific sectors, as:

  • Automotive: Marca di auto, Modello di auto, Allestimento, Anno di costruzione, Concessionario di automobili;
  • Istruzione: Ambito di studi di interesse, Ambito di studi attuale, Livello più alto di istruzione, Quando pensi di iscriverti?, Corso di interesse, Posizione del campus, Quale titolo di studio ti interessa?
  • E-commerce: Con quale frequenza vuoi ricevere i nostri aggiornamenti?, Seleziona una categoria
  • B2B: Dimensioni dell’azienda, Dimensioni del team addetto alle vendite, Attività principale
  • Servizi professionali: Tipo di servizio legale
  • Assicurazione sanitaria: Stato relativo alla copertura dell’assicurazione sanitaria
  • Assicurazione auto: Chilometraggio annuale
  • Hai bisogno di assistenza?:  Hai bisogno di assistenza?, Cosa stai cercando?, Qual è il problema? Seleziona i servizi
  • Intenzioni di acquisto: Data di acquisto, Data di iscrizione, Budget, Lista di attesa

Even if some of those areas better apply to american market, you can still use these questions for every market. How? Here are some tips.

4 possible applications of Lead Ads questions

Lead Generation in Automotive sector/ Car insurance

Automotive/Car insurance: if you have a car dealer, or you sell car insurance services, you could use these questions to do lead generation on your area of interest. An advantage: if you think about Google Adwords CPC in this area, it could be much more cheap.

Lead Generation for e-commerce

Obtaining a contact list can have different purposes:

  • It lets you build an email database that you can manage through an autoresponder, this way you can avoid the cold sell;

To do it, I suggest you to give something as commodity, the most classical example for an e-commerce, lead magnet as it’s called, is a coupon, as Zalando does.

Lead Generation for B2B

You can use questions about B2B to do lead generation, as an alternative for the expensive (and less targetable) LinkedIn Advertising.

How to create an ad on Lead ADS

Once you filled the question, you have to choose:

  • The ad, in other words, the creative contents of your ad;
  • The url of the page to the privacy treatment, that you can generate using a plugin like this:
  • The ways of super visioning, or conversion tracking pixel.

Power Editor contenuti creativi acquisizione di contatti lead ads


Power Editor pixel monitoraggio acquisizione di contatti lead ads

Once you collected the leads, you can download them through your Facebook Page:

  • Go to “publishing tools” on the upper navigation;
  • Click on “lead ads forms ” and “forms library”. At this point you can download the contacts from the download link.

moduli delle inserzioni per acquisizione contatti lead ads

4 successful cases of the application of lead ads.

Does gaining contacts using lead ads work?

In which case can be used?

Land Rover

Land Rover’s goal with Lead Ads was gaining the contacts of all the people interested in receiving more information on Land Rover.

Here’s how that went, from the Kim Kyaw’s testimony, Manage, Digital Marketing and Social Media by Land Rover:

“Through a first AB test, lead ads that are born on Facebook, went beyond the performance of links that took to the page of the website in which was possibile to fill the form for the lead ads in terms of total potential clients and conversion rate, reducing up to 4 times the potential cost per client, compared to the previous strategies.”

Kyaw’s testimony gives us some interesting ideas to use lead ads:

  • Test them through an AB test: as we saw, you can do lead generation on Facebook even in other ways, for instance taking the traffic from Facebook to your landing page. Does this way work better? You can only know this testing the 2 ads, the one with lead ads and the one without it, through an AB test, about which we talked deeply in this article:How To Increase the Conversion up to 304% using an AB test: A Complete Guide


  • Monitor the leads, but the conversion rate and the cost of acquisition per client too, this information will give you a complete idea of your ads performance.

Stuart Weitzman

In the same way, Stuart Weitzman used the lead ads to find people who wanted to receive emails on products and recent offers.

Here’s Susan Duffy’s testimony, Stuart Weitzman’s Chief Marketing Officier:

“We offer to  the newsletter subscribers the access to esclusive updates and the chance to give a look inside Stuart Weitzman’s world. Email marketing is a precious tool to extend the reach of our stories told through images and increasing the selling. Compared to other gaining activities, lead ads did increase the effectiveness of cost per potential client up to 52% on national and international markets.”


The estate company Properati used lead ads to gain contacts, reducing the cost per client by 4 times. Here’s how they did it, according to Gabriel Gruber’s words:

“The lead ads have been a revolutionary product to Properati. In the past, we’ve tested similar products by other channels, that haven’t been effective to us. After testing lead ads, we registered a reduction of the cost per potential clients in the amount of 4 times and an increase of the number of potential clients in Brasil in the amount of 3 time”.


Finally, René Fielder Marketing Director of Sona Med Spa:

“Thanks to this publicity product, our initiatives of gaining new clients on Facebook reached the next level. The lead ads generated a remarkable traffic, reducing in the same time the purchasing costs to 50% compared to other similar publicity platforms. We’re very happy to continue to grow thanks to this product”

Now it’s up to you

If you didn’t think about Facebook as an effective Lead generation tool, the time has come.

You can choose if:

  • Use Facebook Advertising to direct your contacts to an external landing page;
  • Use a landing page inside your Facebook Page;
  • Use lead ads to gain contacts.

Independently from the tool you’re going to use, remember to monitor:

  • What works best, with an AB test;
  • The acquisition cost per lead;
  • The conversion rate.

And you? Have you ever used these methods of contact gaining an lead generation through Facebook? Let’s talk about it in the comment section.


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